Arden Deals & Discount Code

Today I am highlighting a piece sent to me by Arden Deals, a new deal site! Amethyst is my birth stone so I always tend to gravitate towards it. This necklace had my name all over it and I love how it adds a fun element and some dimension to this pretty flowy top. Today Arden has been gracious enough to offer my readers 20% OFF anything on their site using the Code: CROWLEY20

Everything is such a steal, I mean, $13 baby moccasins? You just can't beat that! Plus add the discount code and you are practically walking away with them. They also have adorable capes and masks for kids, and I am loving the color options for this scarf. Check them out and see everything they have and are updating to the site.

Again, Arden has been gracious enough to offer my readers 20% OFF anything on their site using the Code: CROWLEY20 Sooooooo basically you should get on that.

Oh and if that wasn't good enough, if you check out their instagram they have a code for a free scarf with any purchase! Hello?!


  1. That is a steal! I wish they moccs a little bit bigger so I could get them ): The black shirt with leather detail will have to do.

    1. Yes Ash, and if you check their Instagram they are even offering a FREESCARF with every purchase!

    2. As always you look completely gorgeous! That is such a beautiful necklace!

  2. That necklace is gorgeous!


  3. All the colours are so gorgeous! And those moccasins are adorable! So reasonably priced compared to some other companies.

  4. I love that necklace!! The scarf is nice also.


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