Disney's Beauty and the Beast - Broadway in Salt Lake City

Us with Cameron after the show, or should I say "Gaston" - Trevor didn't make it into the shot because he took the picture!

Even though my Birthday isn't until tomorrow, I feel like my birthday celebrations started off early in the weekend. Saturday morning I had a scrumptious brunch with friends, and then that night I had the pleasure of seeing Disney's Beauty and the Beast Broadway. This was special for a few reasons, first, the first Broadway show I ever saw was Beauty and the Beast. My parents had taken me as a surprise, and I had no idea what we were going to see. I think I must have been around eleven or twelve years old? Since I was a baby my dad has called me Belle, or Alycia Belle. It was used so much in my household that I was convinced that it was apart of my actual name, I would often introduce myself to others as Alycia Belle. So naturally when Disney's Beauty and the Beast came out in movies, I thought this was "my" movie. From then on I was Belle and Beauty and the Beast obsessed. I lived in my Belle swimming suit, had my Belle sleeping bag, and collected everything and anything Beauty and the Beast. I remember my favorite was a mirror that had music and images that would show up when you clicked the button, "Show me the beast!" I am talking countless nights under my covers playing it when I should have been sleeping! haha

Here is Cameron!
I have always had a love for theater, and participated in some plays in high school. I was in them, or doing the hair and make up for them. Besides the fact that I love theater, and have a specific love for this story, I was really excited to see the show because a good family friend was playing Gaston in the show! Cameron is someone I grew up going to school with, and have always loved watching him on stage in high school. Our families have been long time friends, and I love his mom and sister to death! Cameron is hilarious, charismatic, and a lot of fun. He really stole the show for me. He was great. I haven't been surprised at all to see him succeed in this world of acting and theater. He set his mind to it, and now he has been traveling with Broadway all over the United States. I am sure it is only the beginning for him, he comes from a very talented family! Alex and Cameron also obviously know each other, so we all went to enjoy the show! Cameron did awesome, and the show was great. Even if I didn't know Cameron, I would say Gaston, Lumiere, and Belle were the stand outs for me! We had amazing seats, and it was such a treat to see a show of that quality, that close. I am usually in the nose bleeds. After the show we took Cameron out for some pizza at the Pie, got to say hi to Belle and the Beast, and called it a night! Check to see if the show is coming to your town, it will not disappoint!


  1. WOW, looks like such a wonderful weekend. I LOVE Beauty and the Beast and really want to see it on Broadway!

  2. Oh how I long to see Beauty and the Beast! Looks so great!

  3. Wow, this looks like such an incredible time!! Do you think you'll be involved in theater again?! (Happy birthday!)

  4. Love these photos!! Looks so fun, I've never see Beauty and the Beast live!


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