In America we call these hats beanies, but in Canada they call them toques. Growing up in America with a Canadian family, I use the words interchangeably. Beanies are one of my favorite winter accessories, providing warmth while also having the ability to be an adorable accessory. I feel like over the last few years beanies have been taken up a notch, including jeweled applications and even veils, I mean, how breath taking is this one?! There really is something out there for everyone. Below are some beanies I have been loving from around the interwebs!

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  1. They are all so cute I don't know which I would want to try!

    But it never gets cold enough here to wear them :( But they are also known as beanies in Australia :)

  2. I absolutely love beanies :3 all of these are lovely.

    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  3. These are so cute! Love the one with the bow! XO

  4. How cute is that grey beanie with the embellished stones on it?! You always make me want things I never knew I wanted ;)

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  6. I want all of these!! I wish I could wear beanies right now! We're living in Nicaragua right and now and let me tell you there is no need for beanies. We have a hankering for cooler weather. When we back to the states I'm gonna have to get a few of these!

    Adrift Blog


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