Husband’s Holiday Man Guide with Kohl's

I have teamed up with Trevor and Kohl's to put together a Husband's Holiday Man Guide! Shopping for men can be such a challenge sometimes, but thankfully to online shopping everything you would ever need has been gathered in one place for you. Kohl's has put together some pretty great gift ideas on their website, and we found a ton of different things through their guide that would make great gifts for Trevor! Some of these are bigger ticket items, while others make for great stocking stuffers, either way you are guaranteed to find something that fits perfectly for that man in your life, whether that be your dad, nephew, brother, husband, or best friend.

Right now Kohl's is offering some serious cyber sales! Pretty much everything is on sale right now, and they even have an online discount code on top of that, use code DASHER and get 20% OFF. And have you heard of Kohl's cash? You basically make money with every purchase you can go back to the store and spend! It is one of my favorite aspects of shopping at Kohl's. If you do it right, you can get some serious deals. Check out our favorite picks!

Plaid Flannel Button-Down Shirt: Get your man the perfect shirt! Nothing is better then a soft and broken in flannel, that soon becomes their favorite shirt. So many options and they are on sale for $9.99?!!

Triumph Sports USA Arcade 8-in-1 Basketball Game: What can I say? We love a good game in our household. My parents had one of these and we all loved doing a quick shoot out game. This is a super fun and unexpected gift that any member of the family will love.

Nike Club Swoosh Fleece Men's Hoodie: Who doesn't need another great hoodie in their life? Get him something comfortable, but that still looks good. Trevor likes to go on runs outdoors, but here in Utah the weather can get pretty chilly. This hoodie will not let the weather get in the way of his workouts, and keep him warm on those cooler days.

Norelco 3700 Rotary Razor: Does your man have a beard? Trevor's grows in overnight, and while he usually loves to sport the beard, he often has to clean up for work and church functions. His current razor needed an upgrade! This is a great tip for gift giving, what is something the person uses a lot that could use replacing? It is the very practical gift, but I have found those to often be the best!

Tek Gear Reversible Basketball Shorts: Trevor practically lives in basketball shorts. His life is suits or basketball shorts. He goes through them so much he is always due for a new pair!

Wembley Jumbo Playing Cards: Trevor loves him a game of Texas Hold'em, or any card game in general. So a new fresh pack of cards is a welcome sight in the Crowley household!

Four-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler: With all the deck of cards we have in our house, this would be a godsend! Who doesn't want one of these for those big games of Canasta

Wembley 2-pk. Ash Leaf Gingham Plaid & Mini-Dot Ties: As an Attorney, Trevor has to wear his fair share of ties! I love the skinnier version, and that these come in a complimentary pack of two!

THIS two pack has Trevor's name written all over it, the slate grey sidecar striped & solid fits Trevor to a T.

Timex Weekender Leather Watch: Trevor isn't a huge watch wearer, but it is nice for him to have something on hand when he gets really dressed up for work, or church. I love how simple this watch is, while still looking really classy.

74-pc. Cordless Drill & Screwdriver Set: Trevor is always working on his car, or random things at our apartment. I think it almost every guy's dream to have a nice tool set on hand!

Nike Flex Experience Run 3 Wide Running Shoes: Trevor needed some new running shoes bad. We picked up a pair from Kohl's just a few weeks ago and they had a huge selection!

LG 35-in. Sound Bar Speaker: Trevor has a passion for music, and he was eyeing the huge selection of bluetooth speakers! I love that the slim design can be set on a TV stand or mounted to a wall.

Reward Utensil Camper Tool: Trevor and I love a good camping trip! Your husband might already have a pocket knife, but does he have utensil's on hand at all times? You won't even begin to imagine how handy this can be! It is the perfect stocking stuffer! It also happens to be 50% OFF right now, only $9.99.

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  1. I like the watch and the flannell button down best! Seriously not easy to shop for men. They are so hard to please haha


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