Fawn Design Bag

Did you all see my instagram yesterday? Jenny, the adorable and uber talented woman behind Fawn Design, has launched a kick starter! She has designed a high quality diaper bag that has a simple sophisticated design that goes with everything, and can honestly be used as just a great bag with tons of storage. I have been obsessed with mine, and feel like the quality and style are so on point right now. This bag is beautiful, and can hold a ton. I love the back pack feature! It is made out of a faux leather, and has a really unique half cylinder design. Pretty much taking it everywhere with me right now.
Her goal was to raise enough to fund her kick starter so she could meet the demands of all those wanting to get their hands on one of these unique bags, and guess what... SHE DID IT! She surpassed her goal yesterday with time to spare! So you should head on over to Fawn Design Kickstarter and see why everyone wants one of Jenny's bags, Pre-order one now! #fawndesign


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