Fall will shortly be winter here in Utah, and I am pretty sad about it. Fall in Utah is by far my favorite. The changing of the trees, the perfect temperature, football, layers, and Halloween! Oh I just love it. Trevor and I have had a pretty eventful Fall this year. We have both spent a ton of time working to the point of exhaustion, and tried to squeeze in as much fun as possible!

Before it got too cold we headed up into the mountains to go camping with friends. It was fun to just get away and unplug for the whole night. I loved sitting in almost complete darkness under the stars and a camp fire. We made candy smores, a dutch oven dinner, and talked the night away. That morning the boys were excited to blow up some appliances, one of Trevor's favorite activities. It is actually pretty safe, since they use tannerite as the explosive. We blew up an old t.v. and microwave, it was pretty exciting!!! This shard of microwave did fly over our heads though, so it is a good thing we always make sure to duck and cover. I love target shooting so it was fun to play around with Trevor's .22 rifle.

Back in October I got to attend a baby shower for this sweet lady. Sasha is one of the kindest most genuine people I have met, and I have loved getting to know her better over the past year. I hope to know her for a lifetime. She is the type of woman you want in your life, and she is going to be an amazing mom!

I got to attend the Grand Opening Party for Shabby Apple. Man they have stepped up their game lately. I fell in love with this adorable pink dress, I can't wait to feature it on the blog! They even had a sketch artist there who drew us in some of the dresses we were trying on. She even drew my glasses on in it :) Love it!

I have been trying to read more, I feel like blogging and social media has sucked that time away I used to spend reading books. So I have made the goal to be better at it and grabbed a few. After going to Nashville I had a pretty bad head cold so it was the perfect excuse to lounge around the house with some tea and book. I haven't had an afternoon like that in awhile and I think I need to make it happen more often, minus the head cold that is!

I don't know if it is just October in general, or what, but I have been eating a bit too many sweets lately. When my parents were in town for Trevor's swearing in I made them try Beyond The Glaze Donuts, because they are the best donuts there are. And my co-workers and I made the bad habit of trying to have Ruby Snap Fridays. Have you ever had a Ruby Snap cookie? Oh my goodness. I am not even the biggest cookie fan and these suckers are like the cupcakes of cookies if that makes any sense at all. DIVINE. Try them if you are ever in Salt Lake.

I also have to note that these boys are just EVERYTHING. I love them so much and wish I lived closer so I could see them on a daily basis! Today is #worldadoptionday and our family has sure been blessed by adoption, I LOVE MY NEPHEWS! And my sister is an amazing mother!

And a random TID+BIT from the web that I enjoyed reading this week, this article, How to Be Powerful, Likable, and Female: Learn From Jenna Lyons.

Also, my talented friend Lori is offering a killer deal on Mini Sessions in her studio! Have you had your Christmas pictures taken yet? Check her out, she rocks! 

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  1. Ahh, I wanted to go to the Shabby Apple opening... it looked fun! Such cute dresses! And fall in Utah is definitely the best :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! I just love fall and the beautiful leaves changing :)


  3. So many lovely photos! That blue blouse suits you perfectly!


  4. Ok, that camping trip looks unreal! What I would give for some mountains, s'mores, and a dutch oven meal!

    Also, you look so cute in that blue-colored shirt, it makes your eyes pop!

  5. those s'mores look soooo good!!!!!


    1. They are amazing! It was the first time I had made them with candy bars :)!

  6. S'mores with candy bars? Why have I never tried this?

    1. Right?! I don't think I can have them without them from here on out. This was the first time I had tried it!

  7. You have such fun, pretty Instagram pictures :) And ahh, blowing up appliances!! I remember reading about that here a couple of years (?) ago - seems like a fun, but scary activity!

  8. I have never fired a gun or rifle in my life but have always thought it looked like fun

  9. That pink dress is beautiful and your nephews really are adorable!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. Hey girl,
    I also love fall! Sounds like the two of you are pretty busy since you moved. Good for you to make time for some fun too! Work hard and play hard. :) xo

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