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Wow, where have I been? My life is full to say the least these days, and it has been hard to stay up to date over here on the blog! I can't thank you all enough for your kind comments, e-mails and messages to me regarding my latest post about being in a funk. It was a pretty crazy month for me, and I appreciate all the love. It is the connections I have made through blogging and social media that are my favorite aspect of all of this. It is nice to know that we are all in the same boat.

I can't believe that summer is basically over. While Fall is probably my favorite season here in Utah, I am having a hard time letting go of this summer. I guess for me it feels like it only just started because Trevor was so crammed studying for the Bar we got a late start on having some summer fun! Speaking of fun, it has been so nice to have Trevor home and present in the evenings. We have actually been able to go and do stuff together that we are invited to. We went to a summer party that his firm was hosting, and it was a lot of fun to finally meet some of the people I hear Trevor talk about. All of his co-workers were so nice and it was fun getting to know them and their families. They went all out for this party, tons of food, bouncy houses, pony rides, cotton candy, snow cones, prizes! The list goes on and on and all the little kids were heaven. I am so happy that Trevor gets to work with such good people who care about their employees the way they do. He is a lucky guy!

Trevor and his friend Stanton have been spending a lot of time together helping each other out. Stanton has been helping Trevor work on his Bronco, and Trevor has been helping him re-brick his house. In the mean time I have been to a football game with my friend, had a few girl's nights, blogging parties have started happening, and I have been really busy working a ton! I have been exhausted trying to manage everything which is why this blog has suffered a little bit as of late, but have no fear (you weren't really worried were you) I have a ton to post and catch up on!


A while back we hit up the State Fair with some friends and stuffed our faces with the most amazing fair food. I was a tad worried because we ate so much crap I thought I could possibly stop breathing in the middle of the night! HA. We had a donut burger, deep fried bacon, a corn dog, funnel cake, Brazilian lemonades, and a deep fried snickers. Holy. Wow. We had a blast and it was a fun group of people which always helps, and we spent the rest of the night getting sick on rides and making fun of goats and their weird balls. Yes, we are really mature. It was the perfect summer night :)

On Sunday we went over to my brother Alex's place and him and his wife Wendy taught us how to make Sushi! Trevor and I LOVE sushi, it is a frequent date night for us, and I have always wanted to learn how to make it so I was really excited :) Alex and Wendy took a class and now make it all the time. They taught us their skills and honestly it is really simple! I think I will be making a lot more sushi now, I can't get enough!

I also went to the most adorable little baby shower for my friend Jessica, she had the cutest cake with these gold little animals on it. Such an easy and fun way to decorate a cake, I loved it. Speaking of adorable parties, one of the blogger events I went to was hosted by Tai Pan Trading, and they had the most amazing gifts and food. Such a great host, and my friend Alix from a Ruffled Life sure knows how to throw a party! Masa catered and the tacos were freakin' amazing! Gosh Utah just keeps coming out with better and better food, I LOVE IT. My friend Caroline also hosted a house warming party and had a Waffle Luv there, how amazing is that? Those waffles are the bomb.


  1. I wish I could've gone to the state fair! A donut burger just sounds delightful haha.

  2. i can't remember the last time i went to any sporting game. seems like you had a blast there :)
    have a relaxing weekend, Alycia

  3. Such a nice photo diary! I love sushi, Japanese cuisine is my favourite and I could live only on that :D


  4. So much yummy food! Don't forget to enter my denim giveaway http://www.katestylepetite.com

  5. Haha someone's had a busy month! Everything looks like so much fun - I'd love to learn to make sushi, although a donut burger doesn't sound too appetising... :L
    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  6. Sounds like you had a busy month but then I guess many of us do have busy months it is the norm for many of us

  7. Looks like you're still managing to have some fun between all the crazy of life and that my friend, is success!

  8. Instagram is a such a great way to help catch up on posts!! I'm happy that your feeling a bit better :) I have made sushi before and it really is so simple! You have reminded me I need to get back to making it! xx

  9. Trevor really is so lucky to be working for such a great company that cares about it's empolyees! I can't wait until we can experience that as well!
    You've been having so much fun! Wish I could come play!


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