Gunny Sack and Co. & 25% OFF CODE

Today I have Jennifer on the blog to introduce her online boutique clothing site Gunny Sack and Co. They offer some great staples for your closet, and are even offering you a 25% OFF code to make that happen ;)

What was the motivation behind starting Gunny Sack and Co.?
I have loved fashion and fashion design ever since I can remember and always, always wanted my own clothing line and store. I started making maxi skirts from the patterns of other skirts I had and when I wore them I always got compliments and asked where I had gotten it.  After lots of practice and selling skirts to friends and family I finally got the nerve to open an Etsy store and from there my dream of owning my own clothing store came to life.  The hardest part about the whole process was coming up with the name believe it or not.  Gunny Sack And Co actually comes from my Grandpa, Poppop.  Through the whole process he was always so supportive of my great and not so great designs but he passed away before I got the Etsy store open so I knew the store name had to include him in some way after that. So on a trip to the family cabin that year, my husband, parents and I were all trying so hard to come up with a name and just started telling stories about him.  One story we all remembered was how he used to tell every girl in our family that they would look cute in a potato sack no matter how good or bad our outfit really was and from that we came up with Gunny Sack and Co, after a little editing :)
What types of styles does Gunny Sack and Co. offer?
Right now Gunny Sack and Co. reflects so much of my personal style and for me I love simple quality pieces that you can layer and wear year after year. I also try to buy items for the store that I can see women around me wearing from my mom to my sister, so I try to carry things for all women.  We carry some pretty cute graphic tees like "I Really Need a Day Between Saturday and Sunday" and a "Celfie" sweatshirt I actually just ordered for the store today. Plus every week we offer a weekly deal which is pretty fun! 
What is the funnest part about owning an online shop? And what is the most difficult? 

I would have to say the funnest part about owning an online shop overall is doing the buying for the store. The daily excitement and fun comes with each order that comes in and seeing where our items are going around the country.  I love the store being tagged in photos on Instagram and seeing the way different pieces are styled as well. 

We are so new and growing still so I would have to say the most difficult part would honestly be to stop working.  I really love having my dream come to life and doing this job so much that if I happen to be up at 1 am and someone has just sent an email I will answer.
What are some of your favorite pieces for Fall from Gunny Sack and Co?!
Oh my goodness where do I start?  Since I do the buying I love everything haha.  If I had to choose one I would say I love our off the shoulder tops!  I wear one all the time because they are so easy to dress up or down and you don't have to wear them off the shoulder if you don't want to.  I have been wearing them on repeat with our faux leather leggings and some white converse.  One piece I am really looking forward to wearing during the holiday season is the reindeer snowflake leggings, I won't be taking off when the season comes around!


  1. Her line is so cute! Thanks for introducing me to a new boutique! I hope you'll enter my Denim Giveaway on my blog this week!

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