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It has been awhile since I did a tid + bits, and there really are a lot of random and fun little things going on these days. I feel like time is going by in warp speed! The end of law school is almost here, and Trevor has been extremely busy. More details on why soon ;) Since his time is so tight we have been really trying to utilize our time together. None of this sitting on the couch watching t.v. business. We have been trying to plan more active dates.

Last week we went rock climbing, and it was a total blast! Before we knew it we had been at the climbing gym for over three hours. Talk about an all over body work out. I think my arms are still sore. We were even able to fit in a ski weekend with Trevor's family. The night before we left we went to a pizza hot spot here in Provo called The Slab. So... Um... just so you guys know, a slab of pizza at The Slab is really two giant pieces of pizza. I thought I was getting two slices and Trevor thought he was getting three. No wonder it was so expensive! You should have seen the stares we got when our order filled up half of the table next to us! HA! 

See that beach? We are headed there in a few shorts months! We are going to THAILAND! I have always loved traveling, and will honestly admit how hard it has been to not be able to while we have been in school. I struggle with wanderlust on a weekly basis. One or the both of us have been in school since we met, so the fact that we will be done has had us itching for a big trip. Trevor has worked his butt off in school and deserves an amazing break and vacation. We also have our five year wedding anniversary coming up, so this is kind of just a big celebration trip! We will be going to Bangkok, the island of Koh Samui, and we are pretty sure we will also do Chiang Mai. Any tips or advice on where to eat, stay, go, etc. would be amazing! I am coming to you sea of internet people, let us know what we need to know for Thailand :)

I am still going strong on trying to eat a more balanced diet and work out consistently. I have lost 8 pounds since January, and inches *fist pump*. I currently love finding new and fun healthy recipes to make. I shared this incredible one on my instagram and though some of you may enjoy it as well. I love me my carbs and sweets and this one makes me feel like I am actually eating pancakes made with flour :)

I made these scrumptious puppies with ONLY two eggs and a banana. Seriously.

DIRECTIONS: Blend 2 whole eggs, and 1 banana (ripe) together. I like to add a drop of vanilla flavoring or a dash of cinnamon. Then heat your pan to a LOW medium, with coconut oil or pam spray. These pancakes are delicate, so be careful when you are flipping them. Flip pancake once you see the edges start to harden, and little bubbles pop and form on the surface. This here is one serving, and I had already ate one of the other pancakes! I topped it off with a light spread of organic peanut butter, strawberries, and honey drizzle. Guilt free pancakes!

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  1. My sister and her fiance are rock climbers, it definitely is a workout!!
    That pizza looks delicious. O.O


  2. That's so much pizza! It does look really good though. -Hanna Lei

  3. Alycia! I love your blog, you are hilarious! Makes me sad I didn't get to know you better, and it looks like we'll both be leaving Provo soon :( I had to comment on this post because my husband and I are also going to Thailand this summer! We'll be there around the middle of June. When are you guys going? And have you still been going to Body Pump?? I'm such a failure and haven't been in forever :( ANYWAY, I wrote a post about finding a humane elephant sanctuary in Thailand: http://www.lovebirdsonthego.com/2014/03/finding-humane-elephant-santuary-in.html#.UxzBu_ldXBI

    It actually found it to be difficult to find a place where I felt like the animals weren't being exploited, but I found a couple and one of them is in Chiang Mai!

    Hope this is helpful! Have a great time!!


  4. Have fun in Thailand! I am moving to South Korea at the end of the summer, and Thailand is definitely one of the places I plan on visiting during my time there. I can't wait to see your recap!!

  5. Now I want pancakes........................

  6. I'd love to know how you plan to budget your travel. My husband and I just got out of school and I would love to travel more, but fitting overseas travel on a budget is hard. Any tips on traveling on the cheap?

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