...music to my ears...

Trevor and I have had the opportunity to enjoy some beautiful music the last couple weeks.
A couple months ago Trevor informed me that we would be going to see
John Pizzarelli in concert in December.
If Trevor had an idol, John Pizzarelli would probably be it.
&I totally saw why the night went to go see him.
He is incredible.
His talent literally leaves you with your mouth wide open.
For those who don't know, John is a Jazz Guitar master.
He also happened to be incredibly hilarious!
It was such a great night. There was this old (I am talking really old) man sitting in front of us at the show. He had come to the show by himself.
He was bumping and dancing to the jazz rhythm. He was so adorable.
I then looked over at Trevor and he was doing the same thing.
I couldn't help but giggle at the thought I had.
If I am not on this earth anymore, and Trevor is as old as that, and John Pizzarelli comes into town,
Trevor will be that old man, sitting alone, totally and completely enjoying himself.
(I wish I had gotten better pictures!)

This weekend we got to experience another treat!
We got to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.
Trevor gets tickets for free through his work and even though last year's show was so amazing...
this year topped it by a million for me.
David Archuleta was performing :)
David is so so amazing.
His voice is like velvet floating through the air!
Seriously he has such a distinct voice.
I have never heard a voice like it before.
Everything about the show was amazing this year!
SO SO SO good, and they sang some of my favorite Christmas songs :)

Music is one of my favorite things about Christmas time :)


  1. Wow the Choir sounds amazing and I bet you had a blast:) Kisses and enjoy your week

  2. I have to be honest....I've never heard of John Pizzarelli !!! I'll have to google him!

  3. wow that last picture looks so neat! I'm glad yall had such a fun time!

  4. That's soo cool you got to see David Archuleta! He is amazing!! I love that guy. :)

  5. It sounds fantastic! Music really is one of the best things with Christmas!
    Happy Christmas!

  6. i went too!!! it was sooo incredible. love me some davey.

  7. I went and saw david archuleta too!! it was SO good. loved it:)

  8. omg DAVID!!! I have such a big crush on him now! We loved the spanish song he sang!

  9. You are such a lucky pair!! Enjoy these times and the memories you are making. Love you both!

  10. P.S. I'm jealous that you've been to two Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concerts and I've never been to one. I would have LOVED to have gone this year to see David Archuleta. I'm soooooo jealous!

  11. I definitely want to see MoTab when we finally get to Utah! Those lights are amazing!

  12. I'm so jealous but so happy you guys got to go the concert!!

  13. I went to the David Archuleta/ MoTab concert as well... INCREDIBLE. I'm seriously impressed with David.

  14. that is so fun that you went to the tabernacle/archuleta concert! isn't music the best~ so glad you guys had a blast!

  15. That place is gorgeous! I'm sure it was amazing. :)

  16. That story about the old man made me so happy! Except for if he lives alone because his wife passed away, then thats really sad:-( JEALOUS you got to see the Motab concert!

  17. John Pizzarelli is the man! I would've loved to go to that concert!

  18. I love John Pizzarelli....so jealous!!

  19. 1) i looooove david, love him
    2) i saw him last summer up at byui
    3) im pretty jealous you got to go to the motab christmas concert, nottt fair at alllll

  20. Wow, that is beautiful!
    D-Arch! No way!

  21. We were at the Archeletta concert as well! Matt's sisters always dance in it! Anyway, David Archelletta was amazing, I've never really heard his music until that night! His version of Silent Night gave me the chills, I love his own twist on it :) I wish we had seen you there :(

  22. how amazing that you got to go to the motab/archie show!! i was dying to go. i'm glad to hear it was just as incredible as i'd imagined. :)

  23. Oh my...I LOVE John Pizzarelli! I'm so jealous!

  24. ah! i am beyond jealous. i wanted to go to the motab concert so bad. i love david.


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