..i got rhythm...

Trevor said I did a disservice to John Pizzarelli
by not posting a video of his skills.
So here yah go ;) haha

make sure you play it to at least 0:34...


  1. First off, I cannot believe I am the first to comment! But I just have to say that I really love this song! Pretty much this is way cool!

  2. This is pretty amazing! I had never heard of this guy before you mentioned him. I know a lot about music but I obviously have a lot more to learn.

  3. Those ARE some impressive skills! Wow.

  4. ok love this song haha totally sang it in musical theatre back in the day and even can tell you when i did the jazz square in the song ha! good times!

  5. Has you guys heard of Andy McKee? His guitar skillz ('z' implies extra awesome powers) are mind-blowing.


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