Spring Break Part 2-Las Vegas!

 (Free shirt from Slot Play!)

So we woke up early and headed out to Las Vegas! I have never really been to Las Vegas outside of driving through it a million times and the airport, so I was pretty excited just to see the sights. Unfortunately the WIND decided to be mean, and ruined some things. When we first got there Trevor wanted to take me on the rides up at the top of the stratosphere. We get there buy our tickets just to find out the winds were too high so they were not running any of the rides... bummer. We got to at least see the cool views up top :) Trevor really likes to gamble with free play. So he knows all the tricks to getting free slot play through signing up with Players Clubs, haha. So I gambled for the first time! woot woot, didn't do too amazing but oh well, it was fun! The wind also stopped the Pirate Show from being able to perform. So thanks again wind! The Bellagio water show really is amazing. You see it in all the movies and pictures but you really don't know how cool it is until you are there. It was really really cool. The shopping in Vegas is one word.... INSANE! Oh how I wish I was loaded, I could do some serious damage in Vegas. The malls were amazing! Trevor kept singing the one line "That's what you get for waking up in Vegas!" He didn't know much of the rest of the song, and anything he saw that he could apply it to he would. We made it into a game and who could ever say it with the funniest moment got a point.... I think Trevor won. It ended up being pretty fun. We hit the Paris for a buffet which was amazing. Trevor got really excited when he saw the crab... he ate SO much haha. After we continued walking around and looking at all the cool sites. We stopped at the Coca Cola store and took a "Tastes of the World!" &Got to try a bunch of different sodas from all over the world! It was pretty cool... most of them were gross but we voted the best was Paraguay! After walking so much I literally had blisters and I thought my feet were going to fall off we drove back to St.George and literally fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow.... as Trevor reminded me, "Some people just can't handle Vegas." haha :)

 Driving to VEGAS!

Me and Trevor at the top of the Stratosphere! It was really dark so it didn't turn out good.

 Here is a better one, yet you can't really tell we are at the top of the stratosphere!

 Big time gambler :)

 I love this one because of Trevor's face.

Very HAPPY to be at the BUFFET! YUM food :)


Are you READY for this?!

Trevor totally didn't pose for this, I laughed so hard after I caught this on camera.

Trevor's ever growing plate of crab legs!

Amazing sink and bathroom all around at the Paris hotel.

Going for the armpit...

Um... Yum?

Fendi is eating me!
 The End :)


  1. i am jealous of all your recent little adventures!

  2. so fun! vegas is grreat. we went to atlanta in february to the world of coke and tried coke from all over. i felt sick after about 5 tries. ha. glad you had a good time.

  3. looks like an awesome spring break! i bet st g (my old stomping ground!) and las vegas were way warmer than up here!

  4. looks like so much fun! I love the pics!

  5. Fun trip and fun pictures :) The one of Trevor with the crab is hilarious :)

  6. OH WOW!!
    i love all the photos! and all the delicious treats you guys enjoyed! sounds like a wonderful spring break!!

  7. i went to vegas last year for the first time and paris was my FAVORITE!

  8. P.S. Did you see these colorful jellyfish or what?

  9. What great photos! Love your plaid shirt, and that sink!

  10. I love Vegas! So much fun! Cute pics!

  11. I love the food in Vegas. Those crab legs are making me hungry.

  12. Awe, you and your man are such a cute couple. I love the Chihuly image at the end too. I'll be following you :) Happy Easter!!!


  13. sounds so fun! your husband sounds like a ham... he and my husband would get a long great! that's a bummer about the high winds! it sounds like you were still able to have a good time though! vegas is so fun!

  14. hey cute kids! thanks for your comment! looks like a fun trip!

  15. that crepe looks AMAZING! (i'm SO hungry right now!)
    i think vegas is SO much fun to visit.

  16. lovely photos!
    looks like you guys had an amazing time!! :)

  17. i want to be in vegas laying out by a pool so bad!! haha


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