& All that Jazz...

So Trevor is a music minor. He plays guitar. (Trevor's dad plays guitar as well, a professional guitarist who actually this past weekend opened for the band Kansas, pretty cool, we are really proud of him.) This semester he has been in a Jazz Guitar Ensemble. He had a concert the other night, and had a couple solos. Of course I went and was his audience cheerleader. After the show he kept asking me what I thought of the show and I kept saying, "You were the hottest one up there!" He had to keep reminding me that, that had nothing to do with music. Oh well ...It is what I noticed (I just can't get enough of him when he has a full beard. It is something so mountain man attractive, I just simply LOVE IT!) The show was pretty good though... I did listen I promise. Anyways it was hard to get a picture of Trevor because the Drummer was right in front of him &he was far away up on the stage from where I sat, so please excuse the blurriness of him...but here is a clip of one of his 3 solos!

The Jazz Ensemble.

The video is in horrible quality, but I was taking it from a good distance away, all that matter is you can hear him right?! haha Here is one of Trevor's Solos of the night!

On another note...

My mother sent us some Easter candy some of which was a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and a bag of Mini Cadbury Eggs. Trevor instantly ate over half of the bag in one night of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! I totally lectured him.... then I felt bad because the next day I ate most of the Cadbury Mini Eggs.... THEY ARE MY FAVORITE!! I couldn't help it. I LOVE them. Everything about them. There texture, the way the sugary shell cracks and slowly dissolves and lets the chocolate start melting, and don't get me started on Cadbury chocolate in general. I hate Hersey chocolate everything should be made of Cadbury chocolate in my opinion. Anyways I ended up eating the whole bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs.... Trevor hasn't noticed yet. But if he does I will point out I haven't had any Reese's Pieces as to cure me of my guilt.
Hope you all were better then me this Easter weekend!


  1. dude. cadbury = easter for me.
    my momma sent me some, too!
    and i personally think ALL chocolate should be cadbury, too!

  2. aw, that's fun! my hubby was a math minor, so no fun concerts to go watch for me :(

  3. mmm cadbury eggs are my favorite!

    and how awesome that he is in a jazz ensemble!!

  4. I think your pictures and video turned out just fine. I'm glad you posted some video since we never get to see Trevor perform :( He sounds wonderful! Yes, Cadbury is the best :)

  5. You ate the whole bag of Easter eggs? I guess you eat well enough that you can afford to splurge on one day. You should give Trevor a break though. Happy Easter.

  6. haha, i lovee your version and observations of the concert! made me smile :)
    lovely blog!
    and thanks for stopping by mine!
    hope to get to know you better! :)

  7. Your blog is too cute and so are you and your hubby :)

  8. i have joined the party!! ;) (new follower!)
    you are adorable! love your blog!

    i am a cadbury egg feen....i just finished off our bag of eggs today, all by myself ;) hehe.

    hope you had a great easter!

  9. Ummm, hotness has EVERYTHING to do with the music. Psssht, duh. :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! It was a fabulous day, I'm so glad to finally thaw out! Sorry about your snow :( but you'll probably be missing it soon enough when the weather gets steamy!

  10. Your candy arguing is HILARIOUS!

  11. my hub plays guitar too! what is it about a man holding that instrument that is just so dang HOT! :0)

  12. I'm one hundred percent with you on the beard thing. I daresay almost every man looks better with one. But only almost.

    And thanks for the studying tips...I'm usually not that ridiculous, but starting anywhere is something I didn't think about before and I don't doubt it at all that it will be used in the near future. Thank you!!


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