My Birthday Boy...

10 things you probably don't know (or maybe you do) about my lover:
  1. he is extremely, over the-top sensitively, barley have to touch him TICKLISH.
  2. his first and only girlfriend he married. (I don't mind that at all.)
  3. he is officially the best dish washing cleaner. no seriously.
  4. he is the biggest cuddlier in the whole wide world. he can't go to bed unless he has cuddled me for a good 10 mins+ (something I hope never changes!)
  5. when he's dancing, you'll usually find him performing a lot of body-half's to the beat &head bobs. It is very interesting to say the least, ha-ha.
  6. he has to have his onions on his burgers, not just well done, but really really well done. which he will remind the waiter 5 or 6 times while giving his order.
  7. he gets into these funny moods where he starts talking like a little girl, which always makes me laugh :)
  8. he could sit and play guitar/record for a whole day straight non stop. and he has.
  9. he cuts his toenails in a really weird shape, which he insists is the only way to cut them if you want to prevent a hang nail... (apparently he was traumatized by a bad hang nail experience and has cut his toenails like this ever since? ha-ha.)
  10. he puts up with me and my crazy moods &drama and says "I Love You" to me every chance he possibly gets :)
Happy birthday, Trevor. I love you.

You are the cheese to my macaroni
(and we all know how much I love macaroni &cheese)


  1. I love 3 and 4. I can't go to bed either without at least 5 or 10 minutes of cuddle time with my S. Happy BIrthday to Trevor!

  2. You guys are adorable! I'm definitely linking you on my blog! I love finding other married bloggers!

  3. How sweet! I didn't know that Trevor was that ticklish. I agree with Trevor on the hamburgers - well done! A man after my own heart. I'm glad he likes to cuddle that much because you've always been a cuddler :)

  4. Most of those things about Trevor are new to me. Some of them I did know.


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