Mitt Romney &5 dollar pizzas...

So as some of you know, Trevor works in Senator Orrin Hatch's office. He is always getting free tickets to different things. Well this week they gave him 4 tickets to Mitt Romney's book tour "No Apology" where he was going to be speaking in Salt Lake City. What was really cool was these tickets came with one of Mitt Romney's books, a first edition signed copy. We both have dad's who we knew would really love to have gone and heard him, &would have really liked a book. So although we were excited to go, we really went to go get the books to give to our dads. He was a really really good speaker, and we really enjoyed ourselves. I also loved how before he spoke he brought his wife out on stage and had her introduce herself :) sweet guy.
(excuse the blurriness on some of the Mitt pictures. It was hard to get a good one with my little camera and him a good distance away from us!)
He was UH-Mazing!
 So you can't really tell what I am wearing but you can see my skirt. When we went to leave Trevor looks at mea and says, "So you are wearing your jungle skirt?" I had no clue what he was talking about, but apparently he thinks this green skirt of mine looks like it is made out of grass, and thus, looks like a grass jungle skirt. After laughing for a bit, I said, "Yup, I guess I am wearing my jungle skirt for all your co-workers and Senator Orrin Hatch to see."
After debating on several different places to go out to eat.... we decided we were so lazy because we went with Trevor's usual... 5$ pizzas. A typical Crowley dinner on a Saturday.


  1. Wow! You've had some great experiences this year :)

  2. your blog is adorable.

    you and your husband seem like such a fun couple!


  3. I am so jealous, I would love to hear Mitt speak. So did you ask Mitt to sign his book, "To Fred from your friend Mitt"?

  4. Sounds like you two had a lovely time!!
    (That pizza looks like one of the best pepperoni pizzas ever. I could totally hang with you two anyday)

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. I have been craving a pizza for a week now and this is not helping lol

  6. Peter and I see Mitt and his wife every now and then. His son Matt is in our ward. We had Mia (Matt's daughter) in our Sunbeam class 2 years ago. Mitt is a really nice guy.


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