"Make do and Mend."

 I will never forget one day my senior year, driving in the car with my mother when all of a sudden she bursts into tears. In a state of shock I asked her what was wrong. Amongst her sobs she continued on about how she was a horrible mother because she never taught me how to really sew, amongst a list of very "womanly pioneer things." Melt my heart. She is so sweet. I told her it didn't really matter because even if I did know how to really sew {minus the button here and stitch there} I really probably wouldn't use it much seeing we live in a time where most things are just cheaper to buy. This didn't really ease her guilt, but if it makes her feel better, she did try to teach me to sew and other things. I just wasn't very willing. I picked up cross stitching but got frustrated with it and stopped. I remember my Nana trying to teach me something with some needles and little plastic tube thing... and it didn't stick. I helped my mom make some pillow cases, so I sort of learned the working of the sewing machine. But in the end it was up to me and I just, didn't want to learn it. Well now that I am older there are some things I really wish I had learned while I had the time too.

The past is the past and now that I am older I do have a desire to learn how to sew, and quilt. {see mum, now I want to and will learn someday, it is all okay!} For now I may have to wait until I have some more time but I have decided I WILL learn how to do some basic sewing and essentials.
So mum, you didn't fail :)
And whenever I get my first sewing machine, I may just have to frame this
cute picture and put it above it... I mean too cute.

p.s. remember how I said I wanted to expand my pallet with Sushi? Well me and Trevor bought this platter of Sushi for a great deal at Costco, and I tried some new Sushi....&loved it. Yay yay yay.


  1. I have no doubt you will learn to sew someday :) I don't sew nearly as much as I used to but it's still a great skill to have.

  2. I got a sewing machine for Christmas but it's 3000 miles away at my mom's house.. I can't wait to learn! Hopefully I don't give up on it, I probably will though lol.

    I still have to try sushi- I'm scared :p Glad you liked!

  3. ah that is cute of your momma. My dad bought me a sewing machine for my past birthday, I haven't quite mastered it yet but it looks really cute!

  4. that sushi looks INCREDIBLE! oh how delicious!!
    and how cute of your sweet mother! i've always wanted to learn how to sew!
    love your blog! your header is too cute!

  5. I LOVE SUSHI!!!! this looks delicious!! glad you enjoyed it all ;) YUM YUM YUMMY!!! Hope you are having a nice week! Happy Tuesday!

  6. I'll give you online sewing lessons. Deal? :)


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