Coolest family around...

Yaaaa okay SO I am a tad biased... they are MY family. I do think they are the best, coolest family around.... but how could I not? This past Christmas when we were all together we took some family pictures. My family is from San Diego so of course we took them at the beach. We went down to a beach in La Jolla called Wind and Sea, and were shocked to see how high the tide was. The waves were going NUTS! We thought, well cool... lets still take pictures here just on the rocks! It was a perfect day outside, and we had a lot of fun. During one of the family pictures though a HUGE wave came and totally drenched half of the group! I was on the end.... of course, AND of course I have blonde hair so parts of it got wet and looked BLACK in the rest of the pictures.... BUT hey we had fun and us being wet in half of them I think makes them look more natural right? Us all wet splattered at the beach? At the end of the shoot all the boys jumped in the water. I wanted to as well, but decided the picture would look cooler with just the wet jeans? nasty. It was such a fun day and I really do think I have one of the COOLEST families around... we can debate later if you disagree. Just looking at these makes me miss my hometown... man I love San Diego. Here are a handful of pictures from the great day...
 My Sister Kira and Her Husband Justin
and two adorable sons Evan and Landon.
My Brother Brandon and his wife Serene
and two precious daughters Sydney and Hayley.
My amazing parents :)
My brother Ben and his wife Sharley
Did not notice the camera....
But then I did... so of course I did something awkward.
We kind of have funny faces in this one, but couldn't resist...
I mean look at the big wave behind us!
I just love Trevor's face in this one, squishing me haha :)
HUGE WAVE... It does not look that scary here, but it was a lot of water trust me.
I am so out of there... haha.
Sydney was NOT happy... haha poor thing.
Trevor got it the worst... he was SOAKED.
My brothers and sisters :)
Sisters... Sarah, Kira and me.
Brothers.. Alex Brandon, and Ben.
This is why I miss San Diego. This is why I miss home.


  1. That was a fun photo shoot! I'm bias also, I think I have the most beautiful children and grandchildren and of course in-law kids :) San Diego is beautiful also. We LOVE it here!

  2. i love this photo shoot! your family is adorable, and the mustard yellow shirts are awesome.

  3. what a beautiful family you have!!

  4. oh my gosh that was fun to look at! :)
    1. all that yellow looks completely delicious with the blue sky!
    2. poor little sydney- so cute :)
    3. love the photos of the guys jumping!
    super fun. my family is in oklahoma...our pictures probably won't be as cool haha

  5. P.S. I forgot to say that I love the picture of Trevor kissing your head. I think it's sweet. I think the one of the boys jumping in all wet is hilarious! I also remember Trevor starting to strip out on the street and we had the photographers with us and you were like "Trevor!!!" :)

  6. Great pictures, I am so very fortunate to have the Children, Grand children and Great Grand children that I have

  7. So awesome, those waves behind you guys! What a pretty family too :)

  8. You do have agreat family. I live in San Diego and love evrything about it esp the lajolla

  9. love the pictures, you have a beautiful family.

  10. Cute pics! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours! :) I'm following!

  11. these pictures are AWESOME!!
    your family is so adorable!
    i love how blue the sky is!!

  12. Aamzing pics!!!!!! The one where the guys jump... ahhh... and may i say that your bros are extremely good looking! :D XXX

  13. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. These photos are incredible!! I love the wet pictures. It looks like you all had so much fun!

  14. Great pictures!!!

    I love the wave ones! Too funny.

  15. love these images... the california coast is so much fun!

  16. That was a fun day and I love the pictures. You sure do have a lot of people who comment on your blog. What a popular girl you are.

  17. You're blog is so cute (: I'm a new follower!

    Those wave photos look intense! But a load of fun (:

  18. These pictures are beautiful. I love the ocean in the background.

  19. Oh my gosh I would've died! That water... I have curly hair and if it gets wet it goes wild. haha.

    I love the pics! That photographer sure made the best of the water mishap

  20. these are amazing!! and so fun!! yes you do have a beautiful family!!


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