Like a scene from a movie...

So I have had a rough couple weeks. Just everything that could go wrong HAS. I don't even want to start into the details because I have already complained enough about it all. Anyways, after another crazy day yesterday and finally getting done with all my homework and things that needed to get done I got into bed at 12:30AM. I woke up randomly at 5:30AM for some reason I could not sleep even though I wanted to. I knew all I needed to do was get through the day and I was done for my week, since tomorrow I only have one class then work, and I know I can relaxxxx. Even though it was bright an sunny this morning I just felt like I should grab my umbrella.... I could not find it anywhere! I looked for about 15 mins and was not about to be late for class and since it was sunny I just left. Well... finally done with my day, ready to go home I walk outside and within seconds it starts raining. It was light, so I wasn't too worried. Well it then started pooring. I don't have a hood on my nice peacoat, I actually DID my hair today since I couldn't go to sleep I got up and did it, I wore my brand new boots for the first time today, Oh and to top it off I was wearing a skirt. OH and it got better, within seconds of the pooring it turned to HAIL. Which then came down so hard I honestly was almost in tears from the sharp stinging pain it was causing on my head, and poor exposed knees. While during this painful walk home, I was trying to keep my skirt from pulling a Marilyn Monroe and exposing my goodies to the world. The suddenness of this whole hail storm was straight out of a movie. That and it was of course what would happen to me at the end of my horrible two weeks. To be honest, I am just glad it is over. But I was mourning my new wet boots. I hope the leather will be okay. As for me, my hair will dry, and I will start all over again on Monday. When do things get easier?? I just hate when life throws you into these slumps.


  1. It will get better and your boots will be okay. Read the email I sent. If anything it was just worse yesterday because of your boots. You waited a long time to get those. They look darling :) So glad you have the weekend - hooray!! Love you!

    P.S. Is that a little skiff of snow or hail on your doormat.

  2. Well Doll I hope you amazing boots made you a bit less stressed, oh god school and simple daily activities sometimes clash and cause so much friction right?
    Some random quote just came to mind wile reading your post “If it wasn’t this it would be something else” I have no idea were I got this from am thinking mmmm still thinking nope I’ll remember a second latter after posting this comment!
    But doll I hope everything goes well have a brilliant day!
    :Love Dye♥

  3. I'm sorry, I hope you are having a good weekend.


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