Breaking into Ski Resorts... is that legal?

So a couple weeks ago Trevor's friends came up with a bright idea. They wanted to go up to Park City at night, and try to get into one of the Resorts and go sledding down the slopes! When I first heard this idea, I knew it couldn't really be 100 percent legal. One of Trevor's friends had a password to get in so.... away we went!

Well let me tell you, illegal or not, It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. When we got to the top of the Ski Lift there was no one. Complete and under silence. Yet you could see all of the beautiful glowing lights of Park City. Park City is the dreamland of winter time by the way. It was perfect. It was the fullest moon we will have all year, so we had just enough natural light.
Now the only thing we had to watch out for were the night cats who come and smooth out the slopes at night. This I was really worried about because the boys kept saying "Just get off you sled as fast as you can and hide in the trees!" Lucky for me we didn't run into any night cat machines. I think I would have been like the deer, that just STOP completely Frozen in the light, I would have raised my hands and screamed, "GUILTY! YES I am sledding here illegally!" I DID IT, I AM SORRY!"

So yeah, I am pretty happy that didn't have to happen. It was a fun night, a very unique experience, very cool. If you ever have the chance to go sledding down a ski slope, especially at night, DO IT! So fun, so cool, and almost romantic being so alone like that somewhere so magical. The mood it set definitely caused me to give Trevor some extra smooches :)


  1. Sounds fun and beautiful! Yay for extra smooches :)

  2. cute pictures! I would have been so scared!

  3. nice. ben and i "broke into" sundance once. we kind of got caught but just played it cool :) how fun.

  4. Haha...your confession cracked me up!


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