President's Day

So today was a rare day for me and Trevor. We not only got the day off from school, but we also got work off! That normally never happens at the same time so we were pretty happy when we woke up this morning! I finally received my Tucanos Birthday free meal card in the mail (even though I was planning on using it when I went on my actual Birthday but it wasn't here yet!) So even though we just went to Tucanos for my Birthday, we went again. I mean why not? Piles and piles of all you can eat meat (sorry vegetarians out there) and my all time favorite dessert fried bananas and the most amazing Brazilian cheese bread Pao de Queijo! OH YUMMY.

I could eat these everyday ALL day. Seriously. All I eat now when I go to Tucanos is multiple plates of this and another plate which piles up all the meat!

So one of our favorite dates is to go to arcades and play games all night. Trevor is ALWAYS up for doing that. So since we had some extra time after lunch and before the movie started I could tell Trevor wanted to go to the arcade that is right by the theater. We both agree that the arcade at the Gateway Mall is getting just a tad ghetto, but we found one that looked fun that was falling apart, who knew Trevor would get so into it he would be the one falling apart after we were done...

 It was some ghetto weird punching game, it was suppose to have boxing gloves but didn't, but Trevor played anyways... I guess this is why he was suppose to be wearing gloves...

His hands got all cut up and red :( haha, poor boy.

After lunch &the arcade Trevor was a total dear :) an amazing sweetheart whom I love so much (I hope he is reading this, haha) because he suffered through and took me to the new movie Valentine's Day! Trevor really has zero interest in chick flicks. He loathes them! Yet he has taken me to see SO many! The only one he has ever even liked was Twilight (good man!) haha. Thank You Trevor for taking me to go see movies you know you will hate before you even walk into the theater!

 When we got to the movie, like we needed anything more to eat, we but some sour punch straws because we both had any since we were kids. It brought back memories of me and my best friend Jamie in Sunday school. We would get in trouble for putting them in our noses just like this :) 
[CAUTION: when trying this at home, the sour outside can get into the nose, and will cause some burning.]

So the main reason I wanted to see this movie was because of the long list of top actor and actresses in it! OH and Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner... um yea, I had to see that. The movie had very little of Taylor and Taylor haha oh well, it was still overall a cute movie. I am not ranting and raving about it, but it was cute :)

On the way home we were waiting in a long line to get out of the parking garage. Trevor was leaning over saying something and I surprised attacked him. I wanted yet another "kissing picture" and I must have been just a tad too excited cause I smushed really hard into his face. You can't really tell but my nose hurt after, it is smushed right up in there!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!! I wish Dad didn't have to work today :(

  2. hello alycia, i could not have said it better. soul mates?

  3. he likes twilight???? I KNEW I liked Trevor!!


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