My Trevor...

For whatever reason, even though he has a lot more clothes then this, Trevor really only wears the same 5 or 6 t-shirts every day, every week, ever since I met him! Thing is, he wears them EVERYWHERE, even the gym which is were I think they get most of their wear and tear. Because of this they have all developed massive holes in the backs arm pits and anywhere else you could imagine. The other day I saw this and I just couldn't believe how big this hole had got. He sometimes accidentally puts his head through it now. When I even mention him maybe getting some new t-shirts he wont even talk about it. He loves his t-shirts and reminds me that people pay a lot of money to wear clothes that have holes in them, haha---ya got to love him :)

Speaking of Trevor and wearing these shirts to work out in. Trevor and I try to go to the gym together as often as we can between our schedules. Today while on the treadmill I saw him lifting weights. I was just looking at him, thinking how cute he was, when all of a sudden I noticed another girl lifting weights behind him &she was checking him OUT! AH! haha Normally I think I would have been a tad jelouse, but for some reason, it made me totally smile. Instead of getting territorial like I normally would, I was proud, I was like yeaaah hunny, I know he is mucho handsome, and he is MINE!


  1. tell him that if he is going to wear holes that big in his clothes and still look cool he better cut the tag out :-)

    too funny about the girl.

    it was good talking to you today.

  2. Trevor is checking out Alex's facebook page. I like your desktop.

  3. maybe you should look online on ebay or other places to see if you can find his t-shirts in better condition :) And yes, he is yours :)

  4. I know I noticed that too about Alex's FB haha funny stuff.


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