Olympic Mittens.

Remember those amazing mittens I boasted about in my last post. Just wanted to show my brother Brandon that I am not lame for thinking they are amazing... because the next week when the Olympics Started... everyone passing the Olympic torch were wearing these...

Did you see that? Not only were all the Olympic torch carriers wearing them, but so were the entire Canadian Olympic Team. So yeah... I do think I am pretty cool &that they are pretty awesome. Now my brother... &yes Trevor... you can take that in :)
 Thanks Grandpa and Nana for the amazing gloves.

Speaking of the Olympics, I have always loved to watch them. My personal favorite. Girls figure skating of course. I mean what little girl didn't watch the Olympics and wish that was them, right? I mean did you all hear about the Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette, mother passed away 5 days before she had to skate, and she walked away with a bronze. I was a total baby and cried during her routine and after when she broke down.
Anyways, enough sad news... this Olympics I have been blown away by miss "Queen Yu-na" as she is called in South Korea.
Kim Yu-na, is just simply amazing! Her little body just is so fast and so graceful. The competition this year was great, I loved watching it (her and Japan's Asada) but I must say she was my favorite and I was happy she won Gold.
I mean heck... she has broken two world records now.


  1. I like your mittens. Mom tells me you can buy them on ebay for over a thousand dollars.

  2. I love your mittens and I want some! I also love your curls :) I too love the Olympics and especially the figure skating. I agree with you with the exception of the Japanese skater. I don't connect to her and I don't think she's as good as others do. I was wanting it to be Korea Gold, Canada Silver & the U.S. Bronze. I think Grandpa said the mittens are selling on ebay for around $3000. Hopefully Trevor doesn't read this post or he may try and steal them and sell them!

  3. Um. Those mittens are the cutest things I have ever seen!

  4. Mom I said I liked to watch her compete with her because I wanted her WIN in their rivalry! I like the competition factor. I only like watching the Japanese girl to see her scores and see Kim do better!
    &Trevor already knows, and thinks we should sell them.

  5. Aww, you are so pretty and the mittens look very warm and cozy. How are you liking SLC? I noticed you are from San Diego, and I was just there this week! Beautiful gorgeous PLACE!



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