First Month in the Apartment.

You see this picture? That is me holding a hot potato to my eye... yes my eye. I got my first ever and hopefully my last ever STYE! It was horrible. Mine didn't hurt or anything but it looked like a big bubble zit under my eye (needless to say I wore my glasses for the week) Stye as I looked up, are due to bad nutrition, STRESS, and sleep deprivation. Hmmm yes I probably had a large dose of all of those things do to the move in and start of school. I will get to THAT later, anyways I read if you get rid of a stye in a week or less that is really fast and you did a good job! I am proud to say my Stye was gone in less then a week, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I did this by my mother's tip of the hot potato pressure on the eye, and some tea bags placed on the eye before I went to sleep. It was interesting but it all seemed to work! P.S. DO NOT look up pictures of Styes... not pretty. Anyways on to what CAUSED this in the first place...
So I will have to get the official apartment pictures for you guys soon, I am still waiting on Trevor to get all his guitar and music stuff together so I can take some pictures of everything! But moving in was such a task let me tell you! I can not even, nor do I want to imagine what It would have been like if my mom hadn't come up to Salt Lake City to help me. THANK YOU MOM! I mean, we had the first week of school the same time we moved in, transitioning between jobs, for both me and Trevor. Plus I had a nightmare of class schedules to fix, becoming a resident of Utah (NIGHTMARE!) and on and on and on... I mean seriously the list of things that needed to get done, and things that went wrong just kept growing and thanks to my mom we able to manage our time and get our apartment together WAY sooner then it would have ever got done.
SO NEWS: I got a new job! I needed less hours and a less stressful job this year to handle my work load in school right now. I got the PERFECT job. I am a receptionist/assistant at the front desk at the Administration Office of the Library at the University of Utah. Basically I get to sit at a desk, look pretty, do very few work (copy papers, answer the phone, file mail) and get paid to do my homework. They encourage students to do homework when there is nothing to do. So I get a lot of homework done, and get to meet a lot of very influential people from the school that come in and out of that office. Lets just say I am creating some god social networking in the place! The Dean and some other you know... haha. Basically it is great and I love it!

Now Trevor as some of you may know got an Internship this year with Senator Orrin Hatch. I was very proud of him! This internship has already led to some cool things. We got to attend a special Brazilian dinner on behalf of the Brazilian Utah Commerce (or something like that!) It was free food, &some important people and I just sat there and soaked it in, haha! All the people from the office came up to tell me how wonderful Trevor is, how much they like him, how cute he is etc etc. It was really cute and fun haha. Another cool thing Trevor got to do ended up in the Desert News! Trevor was able to participate with the office in a tree planting in remembrance of 9/11. Trevor's mom found this picture online from the article written about it. So pretty cool you can read if you want to know more the article link is below!

That would be part of Trevor's body in the picture. The main focus is of course the little girl but I am of course looking only at my hubby!


  1. I was glad to help :) Now tell Trevor to hurry up and finish up with his amp etc. so we can see apartment pictures. Glad the hot potato worked so quickly for you. Gotta love Dr. Reeder and glad I remembered the tip he gave me years ago.

  2. I love "god social" networks :-) I am totally looking up styes after I am done writing this.

  3. haha ooops, "good social" but hey god probably is making them come my way! haha


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