Me and Trevor trying to get the night view from our suite behind us!

Well as most of you who actually read my blog already know, Me and Trevor went on a 7day cruise down the Mexican Riviera for our Honeymoon! Now we got married on a Tuesday, and our cruise didn't leave until the following Sunday. So the night we got married we left and went to a suite my parents got us at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in down town San Diego. The room was amazing! We had 6 floor length windows of beautiful San Diego views, and we had sparkling cider and chocolates with chocolate covered strawberries. It was perfect! (THANKS mom and dad!) The next morning was my Dad's birthday so we picked him up a present and went back to my house to spend the afternoon and evening with my family. We opened all our presents, gave dad his present and hugged everyone goodbye! Reluctantly we had to leave, we were driving to L.A. that night to go to Six Flags in the morning! The McCormack family generously let us stay at their house since Vicky and Afton were going to be gone. Afton left us a very sweet note hoping the "McCormack Inn" was to our standards and that we enjoyed it! haha! They even left us a bottle of sparkling cider. When the McCormack's heard we were planning to go to Six Flags they got us tickets, SWEET hosts! The next day we spent the whole day at Six Flags which was so much fun. Trevor wouldn't let us leave a minute before the park closed even though we were both exhausted! Anyyyways the next day we got a special driving tour of Bel Air from Thomas on our way to the Fox Studios, where Thomas gave us a special tour, lucky us! We got lunch with him down in L.A. and then me and Trevor spent the night just chilling watching a movie and eating dinner at home. The next day we woke up early and drove down to Malibu. We spent the day at Santa Monica Pier which was so much fun! It is a place I have always wanted to go. We then went to Brandon and Serene's and visited with them, hung out. Later we went to see a movie and had some dinner. We spent the night at Brandon's and Serene's and that was such a treat. We even got to go to church with them in the morning. After church me and Trevor had to drive down to Long Beach where the Ship was leaving from! Now I could write the looooongest blog about our Cruise, but to save time I will just summarize and sometime you can ask me the details! The cruise was so much fun, we ate, slept, swam, ate slept, swam! Our first port, Puerto Vallarta = a BLAST! We went and did the Extreme Canopy Adventure. We took a boat all the way to this way small town in the middle of nowhere, then got on a truck (which was a ride just in itself!) and drove high up into the mountains, then we got on Mules (yes MULES!) and rode on them up a very windy narrow mountain side until we finally got to where the Zip Lining started. I am afraid of heights, but not enough to stop me from doing fun things. I mean I was the one who REALLY REALLY wanted to do this, but I am not going to lie I was afraid. The hardest part was letting go the first time, but after I did that it was amazzzzzing! We Zip Lined, and then we did some propelling, and free falls (which were also hard for me to do! haha) All in all, the MOST amazing thing I have ever done in my life. It was crazy. Our next Port stop was Mazatlan, which was really cool because I couldn't stop thinking of my brother Brandon and how he had lived there! I wish I could go to all the places my brother's served because there is a sense of pride you get by seeing the place. I am so proud of my brothers. Anyways, in Mazatlan we took a boat out to Deer Island which is a natural reserve there so it was completely secluded! Our group was just there with the tour guides etc. SO NICE. We went Kayaking around the Island and then took a hike up the Island and saw some amazing views! Fun Day. Our last stop was CABO SAN LUCAS! Which me and Trevor literally fell in LOVE with. It was cool again knowing Brandon had served not far from there either. Anyways, Cabo was PERFECT! We just hung out on the amazing beach, took a banana boat ride, took a boat over to the Lover's Beach (which had the most insane waves! I had sand in places for weeks) and played around on the secluded beaches and crazy waves, and then we went Parasailing! Now again with the heights, but parasailing was so smooth so peaceful so cool, I wasn't worried or afraid for a second! It was probably the second coolest thing I have ever done next to the Ziplining, rappelling, and free falling a couple days earlier haha. We ended our perfect day at Cabo with some authentic mexican food. I told trevor, we are here we need to get some local food. It was by far the best Mexican food I have ever had in my life. SOO good. That was our last port and we had another day at sea which we enjoyed more food and swimming and sleeping and shows etc. After an 11 day long honeymoon, we were ready to go home :)

Yummy Strawberry's and chocolates!

San Diego Bay, one view from our suite.

Me and Trevor at Six Flags.

Fox Lot Studio Tour.

Santa Monica Pier.

Best Ice Cream Ever!

Our bedroom was decorated in Honeymoon Decorations, what a surprise!

Bon Voyage! The boat is leaving dock!

Trevor really enjoyed the food... as you can tell.

Being silly!

Trevor laughing hard about something, I don't even remember about what but I love this picture.

Deer Island.

Mazatlan behind us.


Lover's Beach.

Like I said... VERY secluded.


Perfect Wedding, Perfect Honeymoon. Need I ask for more?


  1. what GREAT pictures!!! You guys are HOT!

  2. Yay! you are almost caught up! I'm glad you had a perfect wedding and perfect honeymoon. Your pictures look so much fun. It was so nice of Vicky & Thomas to have you guys etc. That worked out great! That picture of Trevor with the food reminds me of pictures of Evan where he looks like that and Kira calls it his "drug" baby look. I guess the food was a "drug" for Trevor :)


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