The Best Day of My Life.

How does one describe their wedding day? Especially when their wedding was as perfect as I could have ever imagined it to be. You are just full of emotions of happiness, and joy, and your emotional because your so happy. You are also in almost a shock because you just can't believe this is all happening to you. Trevor and I had the perfect wedding ceremony in the temple, the perfect reception, everything was flawless. Everyone says this but it really was the best day of my life. I am so lucky and so blessed to have found myself with amazing family and friends, and now with an amazing husband who I still just sit back and think about all the amazing qualities he has and how incredible he is, it makes me wonder...why he picked me? I wish I had the wedding pictures back to show you all but until I get those up for you, here is just the first part we have of our wedding video. Thanks to everyone who made this day amazing, especially my dad and my mom, I love you.
Me and My Parents before going into the Temple.

trevor.alycia {san.diego.temple} from Eric Richards on Vimeo.

More Pictures COMING SOON!


  1. It was perfect - exactly the kind of day and memories that you and Trevor deserve. I'm so glad you and Trevor found each other :) We just love Trevor and are so happy that his family loves you and accepts you. They are a wonderful family. You were beautiful and Trevor was handsome and you both just glowed! It was the best day!! :) I can't wait for the pictures! I LOVE the video!!

  2. P.S. You changed your profile picture from your lacrosse one to your graduation picture. Is that the one that you said Trevor liked?

  3. actually it was the lacrosse one then it was paris and yes trevor likes my senior pic :)


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