Mother's Day Sales

I shared these flats on my Instagram last night, I have been wearing them non stop. I love a pop of color, and I love how they can take the most casual of outfit and dress it up! While I do love me some color, I was seriously considering these amazing neutral blush tone ones, or these really fun textured black ones! They are currently 20% OFF right now at Nordstrom. You wont be disappointed, you will wear them with everything.

Anthropologie also has a killer sale going on right now with 20% OFF your ENTIRE order! USE CODE: XOXO And yes this applies to sale items as well, so you can get some great deals this weekend. I have been eyeing this dress in the sale sections. And I am super tempted to get this top, I just think it would look great with jeans and some flats, like the Halogen ones I just shared! haha Oh and this amazing shirt dress! But don't forget their home section, I love love love this candles and have been wanting to get this coconut milk + mango one for forever! I put together some great finds here:

J.Crew is also having a great sale, In stores & online: extra 30% off sale styles & 25% off summer-ready picks. Use code EXTRAEXTRA These v-neck linen tops are a must have staple and with J. Crew quality and this sale on top of the discounts, you will want to grab them up! Here are some more great sales picks as well.


  1. Are those your pre pregnancy jeans?! 😉

    1. YES haha do you follow me on Snap?! I was so happy they fit hahaha

  2. I am wearing a J.Crew bridesmaid dress in a wedding this fall and just bought it during the sale!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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