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I am going to be perfectly honest. I didn't appreciate high waisted underwear until after I had a baby. I had done a lot of research about what I would want or need after having a baby, and a good pair of comfortable, high waisted (especially if you have an a c-section) underwear kept popping up on the list. It is one of the things that I was SO happy I had with me after having Ella.

I have also come to appreciate some shape wear post baby. You mamas know what I am talking about. There is a little "extra" that wasn't there before for most of us, and it has to go somewhere! haha Shape wear just makes that transition of postpartum a little easier when putting on old clothes again. Kohl's has an amazing selection of shape wear!

I learned a few years ago how great Kohl's selection was for bras, and their underwear department is just as impressive! They have something to fit every occasion in life; post baby, body con dress, yoga pants, you get the idea? I love their selection of boy shorts, those were my favorite to wear when I was younger, or even when I am working out. Check out their massive selection to find something that suits what your day looks like! Here are some of my picks:

Kohl's is actually having a great sale on their panties and underwear right now, most of their styles are buy one get one 1/2 off. I am also hosting a giveaway for a $50.00 Gift Card to Kohl's to get you started. Check it out on Instagram! Giveaway ends Sunday night!

This post was sponsored by Kohls. All opinions are my own! 

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