Bohme Brand Ambassador

Last month I was chosen as a Bohme Brand Ambassador! Bohme is a boutique that started here in Utah by two sisters. I have been a fan of their store for years! Some of my favorite tops I have picked up at Bohme. Their first location was in Orem, which is close to where I lived for the last three years while Trevor was in Law School. If I ever wanted something more unique, Bohme was the place. That boutique element is what really gives them their diversity, and helps you find classics as well as one of kind pieces for your wardrobe.

So what does being a Bohme Brand Ambassador mean? Basically I was interviewed about my personal style and from there a consultant put together some items for me from my answers. So its kind of like having a personal stylist - fun! Then I get to share how I style the pieces with you!

My favorite item they sent me was this scarf. I LOVE the pop neon color added into the classic hounds tooth. I also think grey or camel looks amazing with neon colors, so this combo is perfect. I am also wearing this super comfy lounge pullover. The fabric feels amazing, it sort of clings to you, a stretchy knit and it goes with anything. You also want to wear it with everything because it is so dang comfortable! I have been living in it!

They also sent me a great cuff bracelet that doesn't really go with this particular outfit, but I did wear to Trevor's work Christmas party. You can see it here!

Right now they are offering 30% OFF their clearance, so check it out with code: CLEARANCE30


  1. I love it! I went to both links but the scarf only shows with a citron/lime color not the pink/coral you have and that's what I would want. I love the sweater also. It's going to have to wait until after our cruise.

  2. Love this look! Perfect for transitioning from Christmas and seeing us into the Spring months!

  3. You look so cute in this simple outfit! I like your scarf very much!

  4. How fun! I actually really love Bohme (you should hear how Eric pronounces their name, ha!) also? Your hairrrrrrrr!

  5. Congrats - that sounds like a blast, I'm jealous!! :) That scarf is beautiful, I agree the pop of color is perfect!

  6. That scarf is gorgeous! I love the colors of it! Where are your boots from?!


  7. I love Bohme! What a great opportunity! I am loving that outfit…so comfy and cute.

  8. How cool and doesn't someone look bloody nice

  9. Can I have your scarf prettty please? Oh my goodness so adorable. I love neons right now. They're the perfect pop of color for winter!

    Stripes and a vest, oh my goodness so cute!
    -Christina from CLK Fashions


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    Thanks for sharing nice blog Brand Ambassadors.


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