making some french baguettes

One of my goals for my twenty five before twenty five was to cook and bake more. I had made the original goal to make a new recipe every month, but seeing I didn't even write my list out until May I guess that never did make much sense. So I decided to take that goal and give it a twist. It will actually mean spending more time in the kitchen!

One of my favorite traditions growing up was that Sunday dinner was special. My parents went all out for the meal they prepared each week and we used my mom's China. My parents always cooked together on Sunday. That is one of my top memories of childhood. Watching my parents cook in the kitchen together while me and my siblings would set the table. I love that my mom trusted us to pull out her China and silver. I remember one time asking her why she trusted us to handle it and use it. My brother's would break everything nice and I always wondered why she dare let us. She always said what was the point of having it if you were never going to use it? I love that idea. Why have things if we are just going to bury them away and never get joy out of using them? Funny thing is, while my brother's broke pretty much everything in the house, we never ever broke any of that China. Now that my friends, is a mini miracle. 

Sunday was also the only day of the week we would get a dessert (if we got a dessert). I would love to start that tradition in my own little family. I want to make more of an effort to really make a great meal on Sunday nights and make that dinner with my family special. I know that when I think of "home" the scent of my favorite meal often comes to mind. There is something comforting about food being prepared, especially by those you love. I want to start that in my home.


  1. I love this post. How did your french baquettes turn out? Ps. What is your favorite meal that you "smell" when you think of home? :)

  2. My family was the exact same way every single Sunday! After church, big meal, and all of the family together. I was actually excited to get china when we got married. My always loved using my mother's and grandmother's china. Such a wonderful thing to treasure!

  3. I love this post Alycia! Growing up, Sunday dinners were so special in our home too. I love the thought of a bustling home, filled with loved ones enjoying yummy food we've all prepared. It's just me and Ryan (plus our pets) right now, but I'm constantly encouraging myself that even though there aren't kids yet, we should start and maintain those traditions now. As our family grows those traditions will just become more special over time. Fills me with warm fuzzies when I think about it :)

    1. Loved this Carli. I too want to get into the habit of starting that now even though we don't have any children. That way when they are here it will be second nature :)

  4. I would love to start doing more baking. I really do need the practice. -Hanna Lei

  5. i love this. that bread dough is making my mouth water.

  6. I have never made bread but this sounds great!

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