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As you guys know, my little brother got married! Going back home is always so much fun for me. Driving around my old stomping grounds is just memory after memory and I love every second of it. It is rare when every last member of our family can be together. There are just so many of us now! It was sad to think that this was the last Leavitt wedding, and that we wont have that excuse or reason to all come together again. Plus, us Leavitts like to party, and with no more excuses to throw a giant bash, I think it was a little bitter sweet.

I will do a big post about the actual wedding when we get the wedding pictures back, but I thought I would share the trip to San Diego and wedding via Instagram :)

On the drive down from Utah we passed this beauty. We knew there was a Taylor Swift Concert in San Diego the next day, and so we had a pretty good idea where this was headed. I was pretty dang giddy seeing this, since this is as close to Taylor Swift as I will probably ever get (even if it is just her band/stage equipment). I thought it would be a good idea just to follow it, but alas, my husband wasn't up for the adventure. Lame.

Every time we are with my family Trevor spends more time with all the nieces and nephews then he does the adults. The second we got there they were all over him. Love this shot of him and my niece Sydney in the backyard :)

The best donuts on the planet are from PQ Donuts in Rancho Penasquitos, where I grew up. I have yet to find anything close to them here in Utah, and it is really frustrating never being able to curb a donut craving living so far away from these amazing things!

Wednesday night my mom threw together a little shower for Wendy with some of our San Diego friends. It was a great night to celebrate my new sister!

The evening before they got married Wendy went through the Temple for the first time with all of her family. I always love going to the San Diego Temple. When we were there I realized Trevor and I were there getting married that same week four years ago ♥

Everything about their wedding was beautiful. The weather, the temple, the family, them. I got to be a bridesmaid which was the cherry on top :)

After the Temple ceremony we got a quick bite before we needed to help with setting up for the reception. Trevor got one of the Leavitt favorites, the infamous Grande Burrito. It is about the size of his forearm.

Two of my favorite people got married! To say I was excited is an understatement! The reception was a BLAST! We danced the night away. More pictures to come soon :)

The stunning couple!

San Diego will always hold a huge piece of my heart ♥ It will always be HOME.

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the beach. Diving under wave after wave reminded me so much of my childhood. The weather was perfect, the water just the right temperature. I could do it every day if I had the chance ♥ I didn't want to leave...

Every time my family gets together it is crazy! It is always a ton of fun, loud, and never boring! I never get any sleep when we get together. To get a taste of what I am talking about, you can check out the instagram video I took of what game night looked like on our last night HERE...


  1. The bride looked absoloutely beautiful (and obviously you did too)! This looks like such a great trip minus not being able to follow all of Taylor Swift's equipment in hopes of finding her.

  2. Glad you have a wonderful trip to San Diego. I'll have to check out PQ Donuts. My husband and I luv donuts!

  3. Oh my goodness your family looks like so much fun!! I love all your pictures and the wedding looks gorgeous - even the couple :)

  4. Your sister-in-law had a beautiful dress! I love that your family has game nights. My family always plays dominoes when we get together!

  5. This really does look like the perfect weekend...
    BTW, her. dress. is. GORGEOUS. Holy cow.

    Haha and the video is funny too :) if your game night doesnt look like that, you're doing it wrong!

  6. this looks so incredibly beautiful! Gorgeous!

  7. Love the San Diego photos. After two years away, I must say I'm really glad to be back here and in this divine weather. Glad you had a good time. I need to try that donut spot.

  8. so fun! i was home this past weekend for my brothers homecoming and its crazy to think that in just a few years (hopefully not months).. we'll be celebrating his wedding!

  9. I just LOVE that picture of Trevor and Sydney. So stinkin' cute. I have a picture of him carrying her on his shoulders like that at your wedding when she was little. Love it! Also, you made me want a PQ doughnut now; I am totally craving one. Lastly, if Trevor ate that whole grande burrito you can tell them that is just gross. Love you guys!

  10. Your brothers wedding and reception looked SO gorgeous. I watched the video and was in awe! What a fun trip back home to SD!

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  12. Yay! Love this happy wedding post!


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