Back in the Motherland... Eh?

For those of you who don't know, I was born in Canada. I have dual citizenship with Canada and the United States. My sister lives in Calgary and we were up there for my nephew's temple sealing and baby blessing. It was such a treat to be in Canada with so much family. Unfortunately because of Trevor's summer associate position he wasn't able to make it. It sucks to have him miss out on seeing all the history, fun, family, and beauty that comes with Alberta. Someday he will experience it.

The last Friday of June my parents arrived in Provo after driving up from San Diego. I hadn't even started packing for Canada so my parents sat on my bed and talked with me while I packed. Mind you this was all going on at around midnight, and I loved every second of it. I love that I have such a good relationship with my parents and that even though we know we are going to be spending the next week together we just want to talk all night and be with each other. Finally after being distracted by their company, I finished packing and we all went to bed.

Saturday we spent the entire day driving to Canada! The car was full with myself, my parents my sister, her husband, and my brother and his fiance - who surprised him at the last minute that she was coming :) Of all the years spent driving to Canada with a full car, this was by far the best one yet. I guess it makes a difference when everyone is an adult, and there are no children. It went by fast, and before we knew it we were at the border already getting bit by mosquitoes.

Sunday was a family reunion on my grandmother's side and we figured since we were up there it would only make sense to attend part of it! So late Saturday night we stayed with some family that lived close to the camp site of the Kesler family reunion. Of course even though we got in late Saturday, we stayed up laughing, playing ping pong, and catching up. Not much sleep was had!

We were up early Sunday morning to have breakfast with everyone at the camp site. It was a treat to see people who hadn't seen my parents since their wedding day! The last time most of this side of my family had seen me was when we moved and I was three years old. The day was spent swinging on swing sets, exploring the river, eating, teasing, card games, flag football (killer game!!), golfing, exchanging memories, and creating new ones.

I honestly can't remember a day where I was so unplugged. No phone, no internet, just enjoying the outdoors with my family. Literally soaking up the afternoon. After we said our goodbyes we headed over to my sister's house. We jumped in the lake behind their house (well, me and Kira watched as everyone else jumped in the lake) and then finished off the night soaking in the hot tub enjoying the view. Gosh I feel so at home in Canada.

Uncle Murray throwing his teeth out at us like he used to when we were little to scare us... 

Check out the sweet Suzzie Vehrs!

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  1. Awe! Your family is so cute! It's awesome how everyone gets together and of course you look beautiful (as always).


  2. haha looks like A LOT of fun!! Those kind of trips are the best. Its nice to be completely pulled away from internet and phones to enjoy some family time.

    Those mosquitoes! That is CRAZY!!!!

  3. family time is the greatest!! my whole family is going to lake powell soon and i cannot wait :) cute pictures.

  4. I am loving those photos of you guys on the swings. There's nothing that takes me back to my childhood more than swings. :-)

    Glad you're getting in some good quality family time lately!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  5. your family is so cute! i love that alex's fiance surprised him!

  6. I love these family pictures, so cute! Hanna Marie

  7. Alycia, this looks like such a fun trip back "home"!

    I live in Minnesota, so we pretty much consider ourselves an extension of Canada, or Canada an extension of MN -- we love em!

    PS, great pics obviously


  8. GREAT picture of Lisa and Fred!! And I love that the little boys were so impressed when their dad caught the grape :) Sounds like a great start to your week in Canada!

  9. family time is just the best.

  10. These pictures are great, yay Canada!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  11. hahaha you guys are such a fun family!
    That is so cool. I want dual citizenship!
    Geeze, what a fun reunion too.

  12. I've always had a special place in my heart for Canada. I absolutely love it. I've only been once so I don't know exactly why but I just fell in love with it!

  13. Looks like a great time! :)

    Xo, Amanda

  14. That's a lot of mosquitoes..bleck! Though I love how it is followed up with a pic of yummy food.

  15. Yay for Canada...I do so love it there and the people! :) Your pictures always make me smile...such fun and goodness shines from them! <3

  16. I loved following your trip on insta! Looks so gorgeous! And there is something so fulfilling about going back to your roots. Love.

  17. Sounds and looks like your family is so much fun. I've only spent a few hours in Canada(a port on an Alaskan cruise), but I want to do a real trip there. If I ever do, I'll come to you for advice.

  18. Great pictures and a wonderful post :)

  19. Love where the mosquitos go die! HaHa!!

  20. I'm glad you had such a good time in my home country! I've never been to Alberta, but your pictures make it seem beautiful enough to make me want to visit.


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