my holey husband...

I have mentioned a few times via instagram and on this blog (here and here) about my husband and how he likes to wear the same t-shirts over and over again for years to the point where they begin to develop massive holes in them, and then he still continues to wear them. I am not the type of girl where I will dress my husband, he is an indivdual and can choose his own clothes and what he likes... BUT the holes are getting out of hand, haha. Thankfully he usually only wears these shirts to the gym, but he will still lounge around in them all the time too.

Many times I have told him that he looks like a homeless person. NowH I do not mean to poke fun at people who truley don't have enough to buy new clothing for themselves, but on the drive home from my sister's wedding we were in Vegas at a stop light and a homeless man was walking across the intersection... he had a shirt on that looked JUST like one of Trevor's many holey t-shirts. It even had the holes in the same spots as Trevor's shirts. You guys... I can't make this stuff up it was just hilarious! I pointed it out to Trevor and we just started busting up laughing.

I guess I should be happy I have a husband who feels like he needs to get good use out of his stuff before he discards them. Needless to say, Trevor still wears his holey t-shirts, and I don't see him stopping anytime soon, haha.

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tid + bits (from the last month or so...)

+Meeting up with blogging friends :) I love these girls, I think we laughed the whole night and scared everyone in Yogurtland. p.s. I had never been to Yougurt land... I had no clue what I had been missing! Now I crave it all the time haha

+Glorious is probably the best word to describe these sourdough pancakes that Molly made for everyone. If you haven't picked up on who Molly is yet, she is the most amazing cook and dear family friend. The peaches and cream were the perfect touch.

+Going to my college friend's baby shower. I am so excited for Chels and it was such a treat seeing some girls I spent so much time with in class at the University of Utah. Seeing them flooded back the memories!  We need to have that SSTC Major Reunion soon!

I know I announced a week or so ago how I would be bringing back my tid+bits link up. My computer had different plans for me and decided to get sick. So NOW I am telling you that this time, I really am bringing back tid+bits but will be doing them the last thursday of every month if you want to join in next month :)

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A couple weeks ago Trevor and I were woken up around 4:30 in the morning to the loudest, scariest sound. It shook our entire apartment and followed with tons of cracking and loud snapping. Then there was one big smash. Our whole bodies felt it. I have felt many earth quakes so I knew it wasn't that. We had been in a deep sleep, and the next thing you know we had both jumped up in our beds in panic, as if simultaneously gasping from a nightmare.

"What on earth was that?" Trevor shouted.

"I don't know, but it kind of sounded like a tree falling?"

"How do you know what a tree falling sounds like?"

"I don't know, but I would imagine that it would sound just like that. If it wasn't a tree maybe it was thunder, but it isn't raining or anything so...."

We were too tired to get out of bed and figure it out, but before going back to bed I did say, "Well if I am right, and it was a tree, it better not have fallen in our parking lot, and I sure hope it didn't land on our car."

After a restless night of sleep (couldn't really fall back asleep after it happened) I walked into our front room and peaked out of our window. I could see a giant pile of green. Lo and behold a tree had fallen in our parking lot. I braced myself as I went outside hoping to not see our car under it. There was a crowd surrounded by a very large tree. On it's way down it had hit the side of our apartment building, tearing part of the roof off and smashing two cars. The two cars parked a couple spaces from our cars *phew* but the minute I felt happy for us, I felt bad for our neighbors. But considering how big the tree was the damage really was minimal.

That afternoon the crew who came to clean up the tree told us the other one that was next to it could go down at any minute and that they need to get it removed. So we couldn't park in our parking lot for awhile. Then they started repairing the roof and now I don't even need to start my alarm the dang nails start right above our bed nice and early for us... it sucks. We are the top floor and on the side where the tree hit, so it is extra loud for us :) haha. They should be done soon, and I can't wait for more sleep and my parking spot again!

Has anyone ever had something like this happen to their home, car, etc?! It is a pretty crazy experience?!

something to "chalk" about...

Last night I forced Trevor away from his books to go on a date to see the Chalk the Block that was going on here in Provo. Trevor had never been to anything like this before, so I assured him he would be impressed.

Way back in the day I auditioned by entering in some of my own artwork to be a part of a team from my school to go chalk at my local arts center. I was picked for the team and the experience was so much fun! So I knew just how much fun and cool going to see them would be. Trevor wasn't convinced at first but finally admitted it was cooler then he thought it would be :)

This one was Trevor's favorite. People were going and standing on the bridge. I kept telling him to go stand on it for a picture but he refused haha. 
Growing up Trevor loved Calvin and Hobbs, so of course this pictures was needed :)
The Girl with the Pearl Earring is one of my favorite paintings and books. So I was so excited to see this! It tied with my top favorite of the night :) I mean look at that?! Beautiful.
This was by far the most impressive of the night. I wish the pictures would do it justice. The asfault made it look like it was on the walls of some old church in Europe. It seriously brought me back to Europe looking at it. Trevor and I couldn't stop staring at it. It was breathtaking!
 I made Trevor stand by the guitar for a picture :) haha
Trevor wanted me to get in the water with the little kids.
Trying to take a picture with a big DSLR can get awkward haha
Walking around in perfect fall weather, surrounded by good food, twinkle lights, live music & art... 
it all came together to make a great little date night :)

$25.00 DaiseyGem giveaway...

Today I have such a fun giveaway for you guys! Who likes jewelry? Well that is a dumb question, I mean who doesn't?! Today DasieyGem is offering a lucky reader a gift card for $25.00 to use in their wonderful site!

I put together some of my favorite things from their site currently! Are you seeing a trend here? I guess I am going through a turquoise thing? haha

What is DasieyGem you ask?

DaisyGem is a jewelry &accessories daily deals website where visitors choose what they want on sale each day by voting for the items they love. And they vote by facebook "liking" any items they like and the items with the most "likes" in the last 24 hours is on sale for the next 24 hours. So we believe in a sale everyday but for the things you love!

How brilliant is this folks?! I love it! You have to check it out!

A little behind information for you...

As the owner of DaiseyGem, I worked in the heart of LA's Fashion District for years and gained knowledge of the in's and outs of the fashion business on the manufacturer side. I always had this immense interest in jewelry, whether it was costume, fashion, or vintage and being around that everyday grew my interests even more so. I loved it all! With everything I loved and know I wanted to bring it to life for a great deal (oh, I also always scoured the net for daily deals!) so DaisyGem was born as a result with the love of so many wonderful supporters!

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the baby is married...

As I mentioned on the blog many times, my littler sister got married this summer! Sarah is the baby in our family, the youngest of six. Still can't believe my little sister has a husband. Sarah and Sam are such a beautiful couple, and the day went by way too fast. It was a day full of family, friends and love. I always love being with my family, and San Diego is my favorite city ever, so coming home to both is just about my favorite thing to do.

The word I would use to describe the day would be "adorable." Every little detail was thought out perfectly (way to go mom!) and it all came together beautifully. It was so much fun to help Sarah plan this wedding, all us Leavitt girls together :) The lace trimmed burlap runners, wood details, mason jars, spring flowers, vintage doilies, and antique oil lamps were just some of the many gorgeous details that were apart of this day. Even my sister's dress included some fine details, a collection of vintage jeweled broaches (some that were my great grandmother's!) that lined the neckline of her wedding gown.

Such a beautiful day, a beautiful couple, and a beautiful family in my not biased at all opinion ;)