Where you going, Eh?!

Tops: f21 Jeans: Silver Shoes: Forever Young

I know I have been horrible at updating you all on my 30 for 30, but I will try and be better after the next few weeks of traveling are over! If you think this outfit looks too hot for summer, just remember that I am in Canada and will be freezing at night :) haha

So I am off to Canada! In fact by the time this blog posts I will already be in Canada. I can't wait to come home and share my fun month of July with you all. But I wanted to kick off Monday with the things I am celebrating in my life right now! &I can't wait for the rest of the great ladies that will be guest posting to participate in the Life Should be a party Series 
 So here we go folks....
+ reading a book while laying out on the beach :) the best.
+ staying up late with my parents watching old t.v shows, haha.
+ roller coasters that make my stomach jump! LOVE THAT FEELING :)
+ getting to attend 2 bridal showers for amazing friends, and a bachelorette party! woot woot!
+ sharing amazing indian food, with amazing friends. oh and discovering Sushi Korma, where has this dish been my whole life?! UH-mazing.
+ getting sucked into a great book.
+ finally getting a new prescription! I am going to be able to see next week! :)
+ seeing my husband after not seeing him for  5 days
+ traveling with my mother, sister and nephews :)

Come back this week to meet some of the first bloggers I ever discovered and started reading :) &see all the things they are celebrating in their lives!


  1. you look super cute!!!

    what part of canada!?
    my family lives in southern alberta {magrath, cardston & raymond, to be exact}

    have fun!


  2. heeeey my family lives in the magrath, raymond, cardston area! only the best part of alberta, of course...have fun!

  3. i hope you're not coming to my neck of the canadian woods in that outfit because you would DIE lol!! holy heat wave batman! either way you look cute! have fun here!
    xo dana

  4. You look pretty, Alicia! Man, I wish I would wear what your wearing here in Texas *sigh* =/ Have fun in Canada

  5. CANADA!!! How fun is that!!! You're gonna have a bast! Bet it is going to feel amazing (especially since it's like 108 here in Arkansas)! And your list of things so like a ton of fun!

  6. Cute outfit. Sounds like you've had an awesome summer.

  7. reading a book on the beach...ahhh totally jealous! enjoy :)

  8. That outfit could not be better-work it, girl! Have a wonderful time in Canada and at the 2 bridal showers/bachelorette! :)

  9. you are too gorgeous! love that outfit! :) look forward to reading more of your blog!!

  10. Isn't it great to see your husband after not seeing them for what feels like an interminable amount of time? :) Have a blast!

  11. love this look for your 30 for 30!! have fun in Canada! XO


  12. I really love your fashion sense! enjoy Canada!

  13. i LOVE reading at the beach. and roller coasters. and getting sucked into a good book. and basically everything on your list. have fun in canada!

  14. Love your outfit! :)
    Have a great time! :)

  15. Such a super cute outfit!! I absolutely love your blog and so glad to be a new follower! xoxo

  16. Cuuuute outfit. I love the sweater. <3

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  17. cute jumper! have a wonderful time in Canada, sounds fun.

  18. roller coasters are the best things ever invented :)

  19. Please come visit Calgary.

  20. what a genius sweater/button up combo! i love it!

    have fun in canada in all of it's cool weather glory and revel in my jealousy because it is smoldering here in NYC.

  21. ahhh vacation is the BEST!! have so much fun !

  22. LOVE that you're doing 30 for 30! :) Hope you're having the best time ever!


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