Parents for an afternoon...

Simply adorable :)

My brother got an internship in Utah for the summer, so him and his family moved up here. This makes me very excited because this mean I get to be closer to my two adorable little nieces Sydney and Hayley. Last weekend Brandon and Serene wanted sometime alone, so we watched the girls for the afternoon. We loved it, and wished it could have lasted longer! Trevor was so cute with them. He showed Sydney his music, and was singing with her. At one point, one of the songs he played her she said was "Weird." I totally agree with Sydney on some of Trevor's music choices, haha! Even little Hayley was dancing to the music, it was adorable. Speaking of adorable, little Hayley has an "Alfalfa" thing going on these days.... haha, I guess that little hair sticks up all the time. Soon her hair will grow a little longer and it will be gone, but for now, I think it is simply adorable. Trevor wrote a couple different songs on the spot that had to do with Hayley and Sydney... one line went like this: "My name is Hayley, I am a baby." It was really original stuff and the girls were mesmerized by him and his guitar. Speaking of guitar, Trevor has SO much guitar stuff lying around our apartment, Hayley decided that some of it was worth playing with. I guess our apartment isn't super baby proof :) I thought it was pretty funny when she started playing with Trevor's equipment, he on the other hand did not, haha. It was a great afternoon, and SO much fun. I can't wait for the day when me and Trevor have some of our own.

Hayley's new toys :)

No makeup on, don't judge. 



A year ago today, around this exact time that I am posting this... Trevor proposed to me.
My life hasn't been the same since, which I am grateful, because it has been more then I could have ever imagined for myself. He is more then I ever thought I could have, and I love him so much.
I thought I would honor the day by sharing the Proposal Story...

Well me and Trevor had decided to get married well before we were "officially" engaged. Because we did this backwards, waiting for the proposal was interesting. We both knew we were getting married, and there was a window of time where I was just waiting for him to ask me!! I was expecting the proposal... WHICH Trevor knew I was expecting and waiting for, so he decided to really surprise me.
I honestly didn't think he would be able to do it and have it be a surprise, I figured I would clue in, since I was waiting for it.
Everywhere we went, anything we did, I would almost wait for it to happen and it never did. He had surprised me by taking me to one of my favorite bands concerts (I just knew he was going to do it then) But he didn't. Any date, anything we did, this continued where I just knew it was going to happen. But nothing every happened. Then one day I hadn't been feeling all too well, and was enjoying my sweat pants and a t-shirt, no make up, glasses on. Trevor came home from work, and wanted to hang out. He took me to the park, and we were walking around looking at the ducks and lake etc just talking. He had his hand in his pocket the whole time so I was starting to get suspicious. I remember thinking, "He better not ask me, I am all ugly right now." Then he pulls out something from his pocket and says "Hey will you marry me?" I look and it's this big fake pirate treasure ring. I laughed but all at the same time was thinking it was real before I saw the ring. We laughed and went back to Trevor's to have dinner and watch a movie.
After the movie we get up and ready for Trevor to take me home. He goes to get something in his room, so I go and sit on his bed and to be honest I don't remember right now what I was talking about but here I was chatting away, when Trevor turns towards me and in the middle of my sentence opens a box and says, "So do you want to marry me.... for real?" I was looking for the fake ring in the box, but I wasn't seeing it, this thing was REAL! I couldn't believe it. I have never been so shocked!
The past weeks here I was waiting for it, looking for it, and he managed to totally surprise me. Here I am in sweat pants and a t-shirt, my hair all crazy, no make-up on, wearing my glasses. Normally I would have been horrified I wasn't looking "breathtaking" for this moment. But it was perfect. Trevor went on to tell me how he knew if he did some big romantic event I would know instantly it was going to be happening and he wanted it to be a surprise for me. Well it sure was!
Plus, it was perfectly our style. Sitting in my scrubs, relaxing, and then being totally surprised. It was real and genuine, no grand gestures etc. It was a pure and simple proposal from someone I love and am so excited to be with. At one point, I made the comment about how we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. My favorite part of the proposal was when Trevor replied to that and said, "Yah, and we are going to have fun!" I love it. I can not wait to see what the rest of our amazing new life together will bring, and it will be FUN, there is no doubt about that! (:

This was taken the day after we were engaged, we went out to dinner to celebrate!

Me being very excited :)

Love Him.

Blisters, Arcade Games, &Best Friends

So remember when I said mine and Trevor's favorite date is to go to the arcade/nicklecade? Well this last time, I got a little too competitive with the finger flamer game... &ended up with this...


Yes a pretty decent size blister on my finger (it looks A LOT worse in person, and really hurt). Goes to show you how bad I wanted to WIN that Jackpot! All in all it was well worth it.... I mean it is all about the Candy :)

P.S. It is this amazing ladies Birthday today :) She is my Bestest Friend Jamikens (Jamie) Love her to death! &so Happy I get to be with her to celebrate!


Finale of Lost...

So I just finished watching the finale to Lost. Ultimately I would say I enjoyed it, and liked the ending. However I do have some mixed feelings. I would have liked to have all my answers about the Island answered... there are just SO many questions that you were left with.
But in the end what really mattered to me were the characters. To see all the characters come together again, and have THAT be a happy ending (even if they are dead) I did love that. All the moments of realization and flashbacks were amazing, and are what made the ending for me, and made it okay that I didn't have all my "magical Island" questions answered.
There are some interesting interpretations out there on the internet. I guess we will never know "exactly" everything.
But I do like the idea that they were all moving on to another life with each other, with the people they loved. Desmond's line sticks with me, "See you in anotha life brotha."


So my Senior year of high school I got my wisdom teeth out. My good friend Jillian had been ranting and raving about this new show called Lost. Since I had some pretty intense wisdom teeth experience, I knew I would be out on the couch for a good couple days to a week. So she let me borrow her copy of the first season. I got addicted. Only problem was with school and life I had missed a lot of the second season. When college started, I got behind, and I refused to watch any episodes unless they were in order. Well now I am 21 and I hadn't seen anything but the first season of Lost. Trevor had watched a bunch of the seasons but in random order. We decided to sit down and watch all of them in order from the beginning and catch up for the season finale. We started at the end of April, and went through ALL the seasons. We finished the last episode Friday night. Now the only problem here is, that me and Trevor don't have cable. We were watching them all on Hulu on Trevor nice big Mac screen. Problem with this you ask? We couldn't watch the finale last night, because it will be posted TODAY! We tried to find some friends to watch it with, but no luck. So I have been avoiding the internet today as best as possible, as to not ruin anything for me. I will be watching the finale with Trevor tonight. I won't be coming back on here, so feel free to leave your comments about what you thought of it! I am SO excited :) 
Oh and I highly recommend watching them in order like that, it helps you keep all the details straight. It always helps when they leave you hanging... I can't imagine all you guys waited 6 months in between those intense last episodes of every season?!
Me and Trevor have no idea what we are going to do now, with no more Lost to watch. Then we wondered what we ever did before? JKAJFHSD Crazy... all in all, we are kind of excited we wont be a slave to the show anymore. I hope the ending doesn't disappoint! Let me know what you thought!

Conventions and Double Downers...

So a couple weeks ago Trevor had to work at the Republican County Convention (he works in Senator Orrin Hatches Office) The women in his office encouraged him to invite me, so I figured I would go. I get into politics, I think they are important but HOLY COW! At the Salt Palace in downtown they were holding the Republican AND the Democratic County Conventions. There were so many people there! So many PASSIONATE people. It was fun to walk around with Trevor and soak up all the energy and spirit. The speeches were fun to watch, and the voting gets pretty intense. We got to see the Senator speak among many other important people :) It was a fun afternoon. 
After the convention Trevor was pretty hungry, and had been talking about wanting to try the new KFC Double Downers. I was hesitant at first but thought, heck why not? OH MY GOSH! They were SOOOO GOOD! I thought it would be too much chicken at first, but it was yummy yummy yummy!

Trevor looking all official with his "Press" badge that lets us go anywhere we want :)

Sometimes I attack Trevor with Kisses while he is driving... probably not the safest thing...


Why Blog?

So I ended up getting a blog, after everyone in my entire family basically had one. But I didn't really ever use it. I would get complaints from my Dad, and my Grandparents about how I never posted anything, wrote anything, or updated about my life. It  wasn't really until after I got married that I really went into full swing of using it. I absolutely love to read my families blogs and see what is going on in their life's since I don't live so close anymore, and since then have found joy in reading all the different types of blogs out there! I have found so many little treasures by stumbling across people's blogs. I get so many ideas, and am so inspired by people's lives, art, ambitions, achievements, advice everything you name it. When contemplating making this blog private, I decided that I enjoy reading and gaining advice, inspiration, and ideas from all the blogs out there, that why not keep mine a place for that. I have enjoyed all  the friends I have made through the digital world, and I wouldn't mind keeping those types of connections going with other women out there that relate to me and my life. Ultimately I think Gordon B. Hickey's quote sum it up perfectly...

Although a blog sometimes shouldn't be as personal as a journal would be. (I still think people should have journals for those more intimate thoughts and experiences) It can be a place where friends and family and others can take a peek into the things that make you happy. Those experiences that have helped you, and could hopefully help others. Spread the Love.

99 bottles of ROOT BEER...


As you know my parents were in town last week for Trevor's graduation, and also to pack up my little brother and take him home after his first year of college. After work I joined my parents, Alex and his girlfriend Marie on a trip down to Provo to go to the infamous Mr. Mac store. Yup, that is right, my little brother needed to get all his suits etc. for his mission. I can't believe my "little" brother is already 19 and about to go on a mission! It was fun to watch him try on suits and pick out ties and shoes. He will be one good looking missionary down there in Chile :)
After the mission shopping was done we went to what I call "the only good thing about Provo" The Red Brick Oven. My family LOVES this place. The pizza is great yes (oh and don't get me started on the artichoke dip), but what we really go there for is their amazing Root Beer. It tastes like it is off the tap (which I don't know if it is since I have never been back there and watched them fill them up) and the glasses are chilled glass mugs, and they line the cup with ice so it creates this amazing mug of perfect Root Beer. We had a lot of laughs and conversation and enjoyed the night :)


Magna Cum Laude Hubberz

So Trevor is the last to talk about himself, or brag about anything, or give himself credit for that matter. So as his wife, I get to do that for him :)
I couldn't be more proud of him. He works so hard in everything he does, and it shows in all aspects of his life. Trevor really is an example to me when it comes to work ethic. Trevor graduated last Friday from the University of Utah with a Bachelor's in Political Science, and a Music Minor (specifically Jazz Performance). His music teacher told him that he was better then most of his guitar players that are Majors (no surprise there!)
He graduated Magna Cum Laude (on the higher end of Magna Cum Laude might I add)!
That means Trevor graduated in the top 2.5% (&just shy of Summa Cum Laude which is the top 1%)
He is handsome, hardworking, He is handsome, hardworking, smart, and going places. Lets hope that amazing academic careers are genetic ;)

 Love this picture of Trevor annoyed with me and his mother "fixing" him up!

Trevor sleeping through the ceremony...haha
 We ran into our friend Adam and Lauren! Lauren had just graduated as well. LOVE THEM!

The whole gang :)

Happy it is over and on our way to our parents hotel :)

The hotel our parents were staying at had these U graduation doughnuts! YUM YUM

Later that evening we went to dinner at Tucanos with everyone. We definitely enjoyed ourselves!

As you can see by Alex's face...