St. George, Colorado, &Moab!

Well as some of you may know me and Trevor work at the same job. I literally started working there during my finals week, and I work Saturdays as well so really.... I have yet to really have some vacation time this summer. Well we decided to take a good week off and have some fun. We drove down to St.George and hung out with Trevor's family, did some red rock hiking, swimming and went boating. It was wayyyy fun! Lisle insisted we bring the two puppy boxers....which went crazy on the boat. It made for an interesting time. While I was out wake boarding apparently I missed the grand event of the boxer's peeing on the boat, haha. They even at one point jumped off, not realizing that they really don't know how to swim. Trevor had to jump in and save them. St.George was so much fun, but after a couple days we got in the car and headed out to Colorado to visit Trevor's grandparents. Now Trevor's grandparents were amazing.... they are 94 and 95 years old! CRAZY! They live on their own and everything and when we got there his grandma had prepared dinner. I was stunned. It has only been the past year that their age I guess has even really started to affect their mobility. Other then that they are the funniest couple ever. Trevor's grandpa's name is JW.... thats it, no dots it doesn't stand for anything, it is simply JW. We got to have some amazing conversations with them about their life and the things they have seen. It really was mind boggling to imagine that his grandmother remember when the first car came out, and the discovery of electricity! As you can imagine they have some killer cool stories. After a short but sweet visit with Trevor's grandparent's we met up with our friends Alex and Shawn in Moab. We had all rented out this tiny little Cabin to spend a couple days. It was so much fun, we spent a whole day hiking and cliff diving off the rocks in this secluded area that Alex showed us. We had lunch there and everything It was really cool. We made our food every night on our little BBQ, I just love camp food really I do :) Later that night we walked the main street of Moab and saw the cool little shops and things. The last day we spent on a hike and driving tour of all the big grand arches in Moab. They were pretty cool. Then we had to head home back to reality. Overall...we had a blast! What a great week vacation!

We tried to get a picture with St.George behind us, but it was SO windy up there it was pretty difficult!
I can't believe I let Trevor talk me into climbing up this narrow part of the cliff. I am claustrophobic so this was a feat!
I guess I know why this place is call "The Narrows!"

Trevor's dogs absolutely LOVE him.


Sister in Law Courtney.
I kind of thought this picture looked like an action shot out of a magazine! haha

When we walked the main street and Trevor and Shawn saw this shop they of course had to stop. Thank goodness it was closed or who knows how long me and Alex would have had to wait for them....
Trevor jumping off a cliff.... This was the Big one, I went off the smaller ones haha.

Since it was SOOOOO Hot here I am trying to stand in the little shade there was around, from this lovely tree, haha.
Trevor felt the need to climb everything, everywhere...

Yeah, I don't think you can tell but that is Trevor VERY high up! I was actually very worried about it haha. I was acting like a mom..."Trevor, BE CAREFUL! COME DOWN!"


  1. I love the pictures and it sounds like a great trip. I'm glad you got to meet Trevor's grandparents. I want to go to Moab sometime. I would have been a "mom" also telling him to be careful and come down :)

  2. those narrows are so small ... I could have never done it without freaking out!


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