I am Engaged!

Well me and Trevor had decided to get married long before we were "officially" engaged as some of you may know. Because we did this backwards, waiting for the proposal was interesting. We both knew we were getting married, and there was a window of time where i was just waiting for him to ask me!! I was expecting the proposal... WHICH Trevor knew i was expecting and waiting for, so he decided to really surprise me.

I honestly didn't think he would be able to do it and have it be a surprise, i figured i would clue in. Everywhere we went, anything we did, i would almost wait for it to happen and it never did. Then one day after work he took me to the park, we were walking around looking at the ducks and lake etc just talking. He has his hand in his pocket the whole time so i was starting to get suspicious. Then he pulls out something from his pocket and says "Hey will you marry me?" I look and it's this big fake pirate treasure ring. I laughed but all at the same time was thinking it was real before i saw the ring. We laughed and went back to Trevor's to watch a movie.

After the movie we get up and ready for Trevor to take me home. He goes to get something in his room, so i go and sit on his bed and to be honest i don't remember right now what i was talking about but here i was chatting away, when Trevor turns towards me and in the middle of my sentence opens a box and says, "So do you want to marry me for real?" I was looking for the fake ring in the box, but i wasn't seeing it, this thing was REAL! I couldn't believe it. I have never been so shocked.

The past weeks here i was waiting for it, looking for it, and he managed to totally surprise me. Here i am in sweat pants and a t-shirt, my hair all crazy, no make-up on, wearing my glasses. It was perfect. Trevor went on to tell me how he knew if he did some big romantic event i would know instantly it was going to be happening and he wanted it to be a surprise. Well it sure was! Plus, it was perfectly our style. Sitting in my scrubs, being totally surprised. It was real and genuine, no grand gestures etc. it was a pure and simple proposal from someone i love and am so excited to be with. At one point, i made the comment about how we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. My favorite part of the proposal was when Trevor replied to that and said, "Yah, and we are going to have fun." I love it. I can not wait to have an amazing new life with Trevor, and it will be FUN, there is no doubt about that! (:


  1. I am very excited for you both. I look forward to having Trevor as part of the family.

  2. He is out of the firm! You know why...

  3. This is the sweetest proposal ever! True love right there :)


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