Freshly Picked Marketplace - Unboxing Review

I have such a treat for you guys today! Today, Freshly Picked is releasing something called Freshly Picked Marketplace; one community where parents can be introduced to amazing brands, their stories, and shop their products. This community of small businesses is truly the best of the best, hand picked and tested by Freshly Picked, then shared with you on their website.

Susan is such a power house business woman, and I love that she is taking her passion to help others. As new baby product innovators emerge and try to gain exposure for their awesome products, she understands their needs because she was once there. This Marketplace will be a megaphone to share each entrepreneur's story and products! And all of us mamas get to benefit ;) haha

Check out my unboxing and review to get an idea of the kinds of products you can expect on the site. And check out more over at Freshly Picked to see what the Marketplace is all about. 


  1. Wooo so nice I do so like the look of that blanket, those shoes are so cute, yes many so many cute things

  2. How lovely! I hope you are well, Alycia, I love keep up with you and your beautiful, growing family on Instagram! :)


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