Mommy "Must Haves" Giveaway!

It has been awhile since I did a segment on TV here in Utah, so it was fun to get back on the air but this time with my little Ella! Me and my friend Michelle were on Fox 13 The Place this morning and talked about some of our all time favorite Mom products from brands we love! We are also hosting a huge giveaway on Instagram where one person gets to walk away with it all... 

 Quinny Stroller of choice, Fawn Design Diaper bag of choice, Solly Baby Wrap of Choice, Freshly Picked Moccs of choice, Gigi Pip Eve Fedora, and some darling rainbow tights and bandana bib set from Lunaby Baby!

Check out our segment to learn more about these great products!


  1. you two are SOOO cute! nailed it!!! :)

  2. I entered the giveaway like 5 million times! Haha you girls did such a great job with your segment!


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