The Owlet Baby Monitor Review & $25 OFF Promo

I am really excited to talk about one of my all time favorite baby items, the Owlet Baby Monitor. This is not your standard baby monitor, it is the crème de la crème of monitors! The Owlet Baby Monitor uses hospital technology called pulse oximetry to monitor your child and is designed to alert you in case your baby stops breathing. Owlet acts as an extra set of eyes to monitor your baby while theyr sleep. Owlet is up all night so you don't have to be! 

As first time parents I can't tell you how many times Trevor and I were using the light on our phones to take a peak at Ella while she was sleeping. One of the biggest fears you have bringing this new little life home is something going wrong. The idea of SIDS and suffocation were keeping me up at night worried. This Infant Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor gives you that peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted if something isn't. We tested it out and trust me, that alarm works! haha It sounds off as well as lights up. You can see how your baby is doing in real time through the app on your phone, which is available for iphones as well as android. This technology simplified for the home user is really incredible.

I am teaming up with Owlet to offer you a $25.00 OFF Promo! Just make your purchase of the Owlet Baby Monitor through THIS LINK

*Since this post, Owlet has expired their discount code. You can purchase the monitor on their site HERE.

Watch my YouTube review to learn even more about the monitor!

The monitor can be right on your night stand so you are notified while you are sleeping if anything is wrong in the other room. For anyone worried about sleeping in a different room from your babe for the first time this helps you feel so much better!

Again, receive $25.00 OFF your Baby Owlet Monitor by purchasing through this LINK.*

*Since this post, Owlet has expired their discount code. You can purchase the monitor on their site HERE.

While this post was Sponsored, all opinions are authentically my own. I really do think this product is a game changer for parents and their sleeping babes!


  1. I SO want one of these with my next babe!!! xoxo

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  4. Some people have data caps, so one con of this idea would be using up all of your bandwidth. Also, using a laptop or small computer would use more electricity than a standalone unit, but that probably isn’t an issue for most. In general though, it’s a pretty good idea.

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