Ella Four Months! ❤️

Oh my sweet Ella. I can't believe that four months have come and gone. On December 29th Ella hit four months old, and just yesterday she had her second round of immunizations. I was really excited to see how much she has grown because I can tell she has changed so much in the last few weeks. So what were her stats?

12 pounds 7 oz
55% for height
21% for weight

Head Band: (Gift) Sweet Goldie Girl Moccs: C/O Freshly Picked

So what has Ella been up to? Here are some fun little facts about our girl...

+ The biggest change Ella has made this month would be her transitioning to her crib overnight. I started last month with naps, and just this past week have put her in the crib overnight. She still gives us a full nights sleep without waking up! Bless her! She has totally spoiled me in the sleep department I don't know what I will do when I have a normal baby.

+ She has the cutest little laugh. It really is more of a giggle! Daddy is still the best at getting laughs out of her, but I have been getting more out of her recently too ;)

+ Ella is still the smiliest girl. If you look at her and smile, she will shoot one right back at you! It is the best :) But along with this she is also becoming more sassy. She let's you know if she does or doesn't like something! haha
+ Ella has become increasingly more vocal. She loves to chat, which sounds more like a growl, especially to her toys and mobile. She also blows a lot of bubbles at you while having a "conversation."

+ Ella initially hated tummy time, so I made it a point to work on it with her every day, and she has got so much better! She actually enjoys it for a little bit, but eventually can't keep her head up anymore and then she doesn't love it, as one would imagine. 

+She is constantly putting her two fingers into her mouth, or her whole fist for that matter. Really anything that she can chew or suck on.

+ Ella now has a pretty consistent and firm schedule. She wakes up, eats, then she is up playing and what not for about two hours, and then she goes down for a nap ranging from an hour to two hours. It has been awesome! This means instead of eating every two hours, she eats every three sometimes four depending on how long her nap is. I love nursing, but don't love doing it all day every day so this has been great. 

+ Ella is getting so much more mobile. She can scoot herself around using her legs and pushes herself in whatever direction she wants to be. She has also flipped herself from her stomach, to her back a few times. She also rolls over on her sides a lot. So she is getting close, but she hasn't mastered the complete rolling over yet.

+ Ella loves her toys. She gets bored easily without having something to do, so it has been fun trying new things to entertain her. She really loves sitting in this little activity chair my sister gave us. It holds her up right which is her favorite and gives me and Trevor a break from having to hold her up on our hips all night. While we love her and want to hold her 24/7 it is a little rough on the back! haha 

+She is still in size 1 diapers, and I think it will be a while before she needs a bigger size, haha, tiny girl!

+ Ella is still wearing mostly three month clothes, but can fit into some bigger sizes but only length wise. Basically she doesn't really fill anything out. So most of her things are 3-6 months. In these little "mermaid" pictures she is actually wearing a newborn size! haha


  1. She's just the cutest! What did you have her sleeping in when she was in your room?

  2. There is nothing as beautiful as a baby's smile, just saying, her smile warms my heart

  3. She is so precious! Her little smile melts my heart :) Have a great day!


  4. she is so pretty JUST like her mama. Girl my prays are with you. You are going great and everything you feel is normal

  5. Precious cutie! She is so aware of the surroundings. I can imagine how much fun you have with her! xo


  6. She's perfect! Did you send Michelle a picture of her in the mermaid outfit?

  7. She's perfect! Did you send Michelle a picture of her in the mermaid outfit?


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