Ella Three Months! ❤️

Before Ella's 4 month update is due I should probably cover her 3 months! haha Ella turned 3 months on November 29th and we can't get over how big she is looking and acting! Here are some updates on our little girl :)

+ Ella is still the most smiley little girl, and she has even started to laugh at things we do! This is the absolute BEST. I love hearing her laugh and seeing her smile!

+ Ella is still a rock star sleeper, and will actually sleep for 10/11 hours straight every single night. It is a total dream and we both joke that the next child will be a horrible sleeper because we got off so lucky with her!

+ Ella has been bearing weight on her legs from the get go but now she is always wanting to try and "stand" and she does a pretty good job of it too! She can hold herself up for awhile with me barley helping her!

+ She loves looking at her own reflection. She smiles and then gets really shy and buries her head into our shoulders. It is adorable!

+ She has really started to recognize Dad and when he gets home from work she gets excited and the other night she kind of reached out to him. That was the first time we have ever seen her reach towards a person like that!

+ She has started to grab at things, and when we dangle a few toys in front of her she will go for them. It is so exciting watching her learn a new skill. We ended up getting her a toy similar to one she really enjoyed at Trevor's parent's place, it is a small light weight ball with holes so she can grab her little fingers in it. She really likes it! She will hold it and then of course try and stick it in her mouth :) She also LOVES her Sophia the Griaffe already. When we squeak it she gets the biggest grin!

+ Speaking of sticking things in her mouth Ella is constantly gnawing on her little fists!

+ This girl has SO much drool it is ridiculous! haha Our pediatrician told me it will only get worse by 4 months haha Oh man...

+ She loves to talk, and her version of this lately is spitting with her tongue while making high pitched sounds. It is hilarious and so stinkin' cute. Her face lights up when she thinks she is talking to someone.

+ This past month we have had the opportunity to hang out with some other little kids, and Ella LOVES being around them. She smiles the whole time and it is obvious she loved their attention.

+ Ella who used to HATE tummy time has been getting SO much better at it now! She actually tolerates it haha :) A little bit every day goes a long way! She even rolled over from her stomach to back twice. We haven't seen it since, but it was exciting when it happened haha. 


  1. She is such a little doll! Love those tiny bracelets she's wearing :)

  2. She is so adorable! Love that little grin and the bracelets.

  3. Aww she is so precious. Its crazy how fast they develop & learn all these new tricks! I feel like if I blink I might miss a trick haha!

  4. Congrats on having a great sleeper! She is so adorable and clearly a wonderful daughter for letting mommy and daddy sleep at night!

  5. She is seriously so cute!
    - Ashley

  6. I love it when my Ella sucks on her fists. It makes the loudest popping noises, and it's hilarious. When did you start letting her play with the giraffe? We've got one too, but I have no clue when to start trying toys out. She's 2.5 months and doesn't seem that interested in anything yet.


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