I'M LOVING: Fall/Winter Style with Old Navy

Last year I re-discovered Old Navy. When I was younger my family and I would shop there all the time. Who remembers the annual sandal sale? My mom, sisters and I would go and stock up on tons and tons of sandals every summer when they had that sale! It was the best. But somewhere between the start of high school and college I stopped shopping there. Then last fall a friend of mine posted about a pair of adorable jeans she had got and I was shocked to find that she had picked them up from Old Navy of all places. When I went to go check them out for myself I was blown away with all the great good, and stylish clothes they had for such a great price! I was hooked. 

I love Old Navy the best in the fall because since living in Utah I am all about the perfect sweater, and Old Navy always does amazing sweaters! They knock it out of the park with their pants and flannels as well. I decided to put together a round up of all my favorite Old Navy picks from their fall/winter line so far. Make sure you sign up for their e-mails because they are ALWAYS running some sort of sale. Beware though, it can be dangerous to always see that in your inbox! For example right now you can get up to 60% OFF with their Veterans Day Sale! Plus you can get even more savings by using the code ENJOY to get 40% OFF an order of over $100. I used these both and scored some great stuff for an awesome deal.

Here are some of my favorite picks and things I actually got! I almost hit the whole alphabet that is how much good stuff there is right now! haha

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P / Q / R / S / T / U / V / W / X / Y


  1. I also rediscovered Old Navy last year -- I also used to shop there as a kid! I absolutely love their spring, summer and fall attire. They also have the very best workout clothes- their workout gear is cheaply priced but amazing quality!
    Thanks for the post,

  2. Old Navy has been KILLING it with their clothes lately! Especially their kid's clothing. I have done a ton of shopping their for myself lately (believe me, I've wanted to, but budgets...) but I did snag some awesome stuff for my kiddos! Dressing them is almost more fun anyway...:)

  3. Old Navy is hit or miss for me. Most of my jeans have come from there (although now a few pairs are from the Loft) but lately I can't find anything! I am glad you like it tho! :)

  4. Old Navy has been kiiiiiiilling it lately. I love shopping on their website!


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