Hello Ella

I have been meaning to put this together for forever, but you know, newborn life! haha It basically sums up Ella's first few weeks of life, which if you read my blog you already saw in pictures. But there is something about video to me... I mean, if a picture speaks a thousand words, how many words does a video speak? Right? I learned this by my wedding video, which is just as cherished if not more cherished to me then my wedding photos. To me a video makes you go back to that moment and feel like you were there. 

I kind of took random video throughout this whole process and didn't know if I would even really have anything to put something together and so I was surprised I was able to come up with this! You can tell this girl is completely adored and loved. Welcome to our family Ella!


  1. Beautiful!!!!! What a loved little girl!!!

  2. This totally made me teary-eyed! So beautiful!!

  3. this video was so sweet. Congrats on your little girl.

  4. Wow, I totally welled up watching this and she's not even my child, ha! Can I still blame hormones 10 months on?! Ella is just lovely, what a precious blessing.

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  5. Such a sweet video! She is such a cutie pie! They seriously grow tooo fast. I feel like I have to film every little moment so I don't forget!


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