Halloween Weekend

It kills me how alert and grown up she looks here! My big 2 month old :) It is a grainy shot but what can you do when you are by yourself right? haha

Oh man, we had a jam packed Halloween weekend! Ella was such a champ, and kept up with all of it while maintaining her happy disposition... well except for a short stint of "I want my nap" during some family pictures of course! haha Great timing on my part. Man, trying to time when to feed your baby and do things can be tricky.

I had a different idea initially for our Halloween costumes this year, but Ella's Aunt Kira had got her this adorable costume when she was first born to take some fun pictures with her cousin Jack, and seeing that it was a 0-3 month costume I figured it would be a shame to have had her only wear it once. It ended up being the perfect, and I made sure to pick up some Minnie ears myself so we could match :) I don't know what it is about matching with your kid but it is the best! haha I am SO that mom apparently. I even wore my kitty ears to a friend get together Halloween night because Ella had a cat onesie on! haha

Friday afternoon Ella and I went to Trevor's work for a little trick-or-treating! They invite all the families to come and go office to office and get candy. We are talking full size candy bars! Of course Trevor made me fill our entire diaper bag to the brim, there was so much candy it was ridiculous. I am still in a sugar coma from it all, and we still have a giant bowl of candy bars on the counter tempting me to ruin all my weight and health goals haha It is by far the best loot either of us have ever got from trick-or-treating and we have Ella to thank for that I guess since she was our "excuse" to go around door to door. "Ella" really needs all that sugar, obviously.  

After the work Halloween festivities we went home and got ready for the Garth Brooks concert. With it being Halloween weekend, and not having family around, we couldn't find anyone to watch Ella. But I wasn't too worried about it because we had tickets in a box office suite. I am telling you that is the way to watch a concert. It was perfect! We had sound canceling headphones for Ella and she slept through most of the show, I actually woke her up to feed her. They had really nice recliner chairs in the suite and a little t.v. so I could still watch the concert while I fed her. There was even a bathroom in our suite. I am telling you, if your ever going to bring a baby to concert, it is the only way I would do it haha Trevor and his best friend Stanton were pretty funny singing every word to all the songs. And I had a kick out of belting our a childhood favorite, "How do I live without you," with Trisha Yearwood. Garth and Trisha are adorable together. The show was great and we had a lot of fun with our friends!

We had gone to an earlier showing of Garth because he had back to back shows that night, so we were actually home in time for bedtime routine for miss Ella, which was a good thing because we were up early for some family pictures the next day. After pictures we grabbed some lunch in our favorite spot since we were in Provo, 180 Tacos, if you are ever down there you have to try the Buffalo Chicken Taco *raises hands to the heavens!* Trevor went into work for the rest of the afternoon, I cleaned up the house and we got ready for a little Halloween get together and dinner with a group of our friends. We had a blast just eating, enjoying eachother's company, and watching a scary movie. It was a pretty great Halloween! 


  1. She is so cute! It's making me excited to dress our little girl. :)

  2. I don't understand the mom-baby matching but I'm 100% sure I will be doing the same thing when I have kids hahah! Love the polka-dot backdrop!

  3. That Minnie costume is so adorable :) Holidays are the best with a baby around :)

  4. What a fun weekend for all of you! I've been to many concerts but never in a booth - lucky!!! I'm loving all the Ella pictures!

  5. Yes adorable is the right word, nice to hear you had a good Halloween

  6. Aww she's so cute! and you're right it's so fun doing the matchy matchy thing with clothing, especially when you have a girl! though it can be fun with boys too :) I'm always going with themes and ways to match, for Halloween our 2 year old boy was Peter Pan and our 4 month old was Tinkerbell hehe :D everyone says take advantage of it while you can before they start wanting to decide on their own LOL.

    Amber in Pearls

  7. My son's first concert was Garth Brooks too....he wore those same headphones and slept through it as well. He was a tad older, I think maybe 6 months, but it was so fun!


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