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We live in an incredible time where we are able to use social media creatively for so many purposes! When we are able to use the internet for humanitarian work, that changes everything. The Time Machine App is pretty much just that, a humanitarian app! It creates an awareness of causes, organizations and foundations that need attention because of the good they are doing. You can use the Time Machine App to find creative ways to spend your time while supporting causes and brands you care about. Did I mention it was FREE? Not only that but it is super easy to use and be apart of. Just join a campaign with your favorite brand or cause, choose which actions you want to complete and start checking them off your list! You can even prizes for doing and spreading good.

The purpose behind this campaign really touches me personally. They are really trying to bring awareness to children with critical illnesses. I have mentioned my nephew Evan several times on my blog. Evan has SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) a genetic disease that affects the motor neuron cells in the spinal cord, impacting the ability to walk, eat, or breathe. Raising awareness for children whose lives are impacted daily by their illnesses can go a long way in regards to the attention research gets to really make a difference in these children's lives.

From now until July 28, we’re going to start spending time and making change. Download Time Machine on iOS for free to get the most of out of your minutes and qualify to win a VIP experience with Imagine Dragons.

1. Get the App. Time Machine is free on iOS. Go get it in the App Store.

2. Do the Time. Create real change, learn through experience, have some fun. This is your time.

3. Share the Love. Share your Time to support the Tyler Robinson Foundation, the Progeria Research and our other charity partners.

4. Enjoy the Karma. Learn something, help someone, create a memory or win rewards. When you give Time, you get Karma.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are mine, and I wholeheartedly support helping others!


  1. This is very cool. I think that I'll have to look into it! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  2. What are some examples of actions or projects do you complete through this app? And how do the app's creators use your "contribution" to give back to the causes? Sorry, not trying to be a pain, but the App Store listing and website for it are SO vague!! I don't understand!! It sounds like an awesome concept, so I'd definitely like to learn more before downloading it :)

  3. This was announced at the Imagine Dragons concert on tuesday. Such a fun, inspiring idea.


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