Oakwood Homes

Growing up one of my favorite things to do with my mother was walk through model homes. I have always had a love for design and when deciding what to go to school for I debated on majoring in interior design. I spent many hours as a young girl watching HGTV and other home design shows. So when I had the opportunity to tour some Oakwood Homes, which is a local builder here in Utah, I couldn't wait! Me and my friend Jalynn went together and had a blast going from home to home and seeing the different layouts, design, and enjoying the fun night they planned out for us.
They had us tour their homes in South Jordan which is an area I really wanted to live but it wasn't as close to Trevor's work as we would have liked. But like I said, I LOVE that area. Okay so now onto the good stuff, some of the homes I got to see and the features I loved.
There are two main things I love in a home. An open floor plan, and lots of light. All the Oakwood Homes had these two must haves. They had so many big windows in each of the different layouts and having all that natural light flooding in just opened up the space even more, I loved it.   
I also loved all the design details throughout the homes. Like this awesome fireplace! I love something unique and it is was such a great focal point in this home. I didn't get a picture of it, because it was kind of hard to capture, but I also loved how high the ceilings were in the bathrooms and rooms. I love some height in a home! I really was impressed with the design and layouts of these homes, they have everything you are looking for.
Two preggos in a mirror selfie :)
After we toured all the homes we enjoyed a nice dinner out on the deck of one of the homes at sunset. The weather and company was perfect. We had a summer BBQ hosted by Rodizio Grill  at Trolley Square, and Stuart Edge the magician entertained us. He is insane, and totally blew my mind! He even autographed a card for me from a trick he did on me ;) I am sure we will see him performing in Vegas one day! The night ended with some fun giveaways (which I went home a winner! I got some killer bath salts and bombs as well as a grill from Costco! woot woot! That last one was more of a win for Trevor) and getting to know all the other people who came out for the night. I mean, good food and home design, it just doesn't get much better than that! Thanks for having me Oakwood Homes :)


  1. I am exactly the same, and a bit of a sticky beak, so I love getting a glimpse into other people houses. And getting ideas for layouts and little tricks (especially for storage, why do i have so much stuff?).
    I have never heard of these open house tours, perhaps Australia hasn't caught on yet.
    Thanks for sharing,
    You and Jalynn look gorgeous in that mirror selfie!!
    Kelsey xx

  2. The homes look beautiful! I would die for a bedroom like that.

  3. I have a total weakness for model homes! I love touring them so much. The floorplans, the decor, the kitchen!! So good.

  4. Wow those houses are amazing and what a great way to market them through you guys. Would be great to have some builders do the same here in the UK


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