Fourth of July Weekend

What a weekend, I am exhausted! With the day off, Friday was spent getting things done around the house, I even spackled the nursery to prep for painting! Saturday morning Trevor and I put together a grill that I won (I will have to share about that night soon) and it took way longer than either of us thought it would, haha. We followed that ordeal up with some grocery shopping since we were having a bunch of friends over for a Fourth of July BBQ later that evening. It was a great low key night just eating good food with good friends. Once it got dark we went down to a big parking lot at an elementary school just by our house to light fireworks. Now, where do I even begin with describing our neighborhood to you? They LOVE fireworks! So much so that you can see a firework show going off in every direction like a clock in a total 360. I wish I had taken a video to show you guys! You really have to see it to believe it. Our friends even made the comment that we will never have to fight the crowds at a park or pay to see fireworks because we have a show that lasts for hours in our neighborhood, and it is so true, it was so much fun!
We of course contributed to this show, Trevor and his friends spent way too much money on fireworks to light off. We had little ones and big huge ones and it was a blast - pun intended ;)! The neighborhood show didn't die down until around midnight and that is about when we finally got to bed. The only thing missing from my Fourth of July was a pool, I NEED to get this pregnant belly to a pool pronto!

Yes, that would be Trevor's dirt bike that was apart of this whole broken foot fiasco!

Staton and Billie's fresh new baby girl :)

Just as the sun was going down and some fireworks were starting. Poor Trevor having to use his little scooter! haha

Not the most flattering picture (what face am I making? haha) but I had to document me being pregnant and Trevor with his broken foot on the Fourth of July! hahahaha

Monroe would chase Trevor with a sparkler and Trevor totally played it up, it was adorable.

Again, I wish I could have captured all the fireworks going off at once, but I was enjoying them and not taking pictures of them all. Such a fun night! I also wish I had got a picture of everyone together! I always think of these things after the fact, oh well :) haha


  1. Sounds like a great day! Billie and Stanton's baby is adorable!!!!

  2. Your pictures of the fireworks are so good! Mine are always so blurry. Do you use a DSLR for them?

  3. Your pictures of the fireworks look amazing!

  4. Sounds like an amazing night with friends & fireworks. :)

    Mandie ~

  5. These pictures are all so fun! I feel so bad for poor Trevor and his leg! I hope he gets feeling better soon, and could your bump be any cuter?!


  6. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I hope Trevor's foot gets better soon. What can be better than a good firework show!

  7. I love your shirt and this sounds like the perfect 4th!

    xx Kelly
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