How To Create A Faux Blowout - Long & Short Hair

Back when I was "fluffy" pregnant, you know, when you can't really tell if someone has just put on weight or not, my blogging buddy Jackie asked me to be apart of a collaboration she was doing with The Everygirl. She is a contributor for them and was doing a tutorial on how to create a faux blowout for long and short hair. I was the short hair model :) It was a fun day because the adorable Lori Romney shot the tutorial and she is always a blast, she took some of my favorite photos ever of Trevor and I last fall.
Anyways, despite me being totally hesitant about this shoot because of feeling like a bloated mess, Lori and Jackie were awesome and made me feel totally comfortable. I thought I would share the results from my look with you and direct you to the tutorial for those of you who want to recreate that salon blowout look at home for either long or short hair! Jackie really did a great job putting this together!
If you hair is as short or shorter than mine and you feel odd using a large barrel curling iron—try a smaller curling wand like a 1 1/2 inch barrel then loosen your curls with a soft bristle brush to achieve the same desired look. Using a smaller wand may be easier if a 2" inch curling iron feels too large or awkward.

Dry Styling Steps

1. Clip the majority of your hair up, so you have a thin bottom layer of hair to start with.
2. Before curling, spritz each section of hair with a heat protectant. We used Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray.
3. Use a 2” curling iron (or smaller, should your locks and layers be short).
4. Using the curling iron, take a thin section of hair and curl the hair bringing the iron up as close as you can to the roots. Gently let the hair out of the curling iron.

Pro Tips:
  • For short or fine hair, it's helpful to dry hair with a thickening spray (like this one) beforehand or use volume powder (like this one) before styling with your iron. These products will create a thicker base for styling and provide a long lasting hold.  
  • Curling your hair twice (in essence, passing your hair through the barrel more than once) will provide a smoother, bouncier finish on shorter hair.

5. Again, spray curled section with a firm hold hairspray like Kenra Volume Spray 25.

6. Repeat process through each section of hair.
7. On the top layer, curl facing backward to create volume.
8. Continue with the rest of the top section and curl facing away from you each time.
9. Finish with an allover spritz of hairspray, then spray entire hairstyle with a finishing spray
like Redken Wind Blown O5 Dry Finishing Spray.



  1. You look so beautiful in these pictures! Your hair looks amazing!


  2. I emailed you a while about a collab & some questions! wondering if you ever got it?
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Not sure Candace, let me go double check! There was a period of time where my e-mail was sending a lot to spam!

  3. oh my goodness! Your hair looks gorge. sorry to be that person, but where is your shirt from? I'm in love!

    1. I got it forever ago on a sale rack in Target! hahaha hope that helps :)

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