27 Weeks Pregnany Update!

It was really sunny and windy so excuse my squinted eyes! haha I saw this dress on ASOS weeks ago and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. Have you ever had a moment like that while shopping? It was like, "Um yup, your mine!" haha Unfortunately this dress was apart of the packages that were stolen from my doorstep while we were gone in New York! BUT the customer service was amazing and they totally replaced it for me without any hassle! How amazing is that? I have always LOVED ASOS but after that they have my loyalty for life! I hope to still be able to wear even when I am not pregnant.

How far along: I am 27 weeks and 6 days

How big is baby: The baby is as big as a Rutabaga!

Weight Gain: Don't really weigh myself unless I have an appointment! Speaking of appointments, I have to do that Glucose test sometime soon.... BAH.
Sleep: I don't know what has happened this week but I am crossing my fingers that it lasts! I have been sleeping soooo well. I feel like the bigger I get the more comfortable my sleep has been? Is that normal? haha I am sure I will hit a point where that is absolutely not true anymore, but for now I am enjoying it.

Craving: I am back on the peanut butter and jelly train! I have been eating them all week. I also got the most insane craving for egg salad sandwiches yesterday so I have plans to make lots of those too :)
Random: I really miss my jawline! haha It is pretty much non-existent at this point. I mean, I had noticed that it was disappearing, but it wasn't until I saw a picture of myself from last summer that it really hit me! Oh well... someday it will return! haha

Feeling: I have been feeling baby girl, so much more! I don't know if she has always been so active, or if I am just feeling it more now that she is bigger, but I have been feeling much more than I normally do and I have been loving it. Keep it coming little one!

Dear Baby Girl,

This past week I went home to San Diego to attend a Baby Shower hosted in your honor! There are so many people that already love you. I don't know if you will ever understand how lucky you are. I have so many hopes for you in this life and having loyal, amazing, dedicated friends who love you unconditionally is such a big one. I hope that you will have that, and that you can be that for those around you. It was such a beautiful day, and at one point opening presents I just burst into tears. It wasn't the gift specifically that made me cry, but knowing that you would be here so soon and wearing these clothes and using these things, it just really hit me and made it all a reality. I am going to have a daughter! Thankfully I was amongst friends, but I was still a tad embarrassed I got so caught up in my emotions. You already mean so much to me, and you aren't even here yet. I have been working like a crazy woman trying to get everything ready for your arrival, I want everything to be perfect, but I know it won't be. I guess it is already a lesson in parenting... I want to be a perfect parent, but I know I will make mistakes because I am only human. But I love you more than anything and I think that is really what matters in the end. You will be loved perfectly!



  1. I hope all goes well with the glucose test. Fingers crossed!

  2. Eat a Snickers or drink a can of sprite. It's the same and you don't have to guzzle that nasty orange jello stuff. Cute cute maternity clothing!

  3. That dress is so beautiful! I have had amazing experienced with ASOS too. So awesome that they replaced it for you!

  4. awhhh you're a cute prego mama!! I love asos, I had a problem of something not arriving so they resent it, no questions asked. asos is the best!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. The glucose test is easy peasy. From what I hear, the drink has gotten SO much better in the last few years! It just tastes like soda minus the carbonation. It's not good but it's not disgusting and horrible to drink, either! Hope you pass (and me, too, ah!)
    Yay for sleeping good!! This last week has been the best nights of sleep for me as well! Enjoy it while you can!! I hope you're a lucky one that sleeps well the rest of the pregnancy because one way or another... You'll be up all night!! It's a sweeter wake up call when it's your baby though ;)
    I'm just so thrilled to be getting a niece! Why do we live so far away now?! BAH!

  6. You make pregnancy look so glamorous! Gorgeous photo xx


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  8. I think this dress was just worn by the girl from Alabama Shakes on Jimmy Fallon! http://www.gettyimages.in/detail/news-photo/episode-0275-pictured-brittany-howard-of-musical-guest-news-photo/476382864
    Is it the same one? So cool!


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