Christmas Break Catch Up!

This year for Christmas we headed on down to St. George to spend it with Trevor's family. The Crowley's have a tradition to go out for Christmas Eve breakfast, and this year we hit up Black Bear Diner. I have only been here one time before but I loved it, and it did not disappoint again! I got the cinnamon roll french toast, and it was scrumpppptious! They have so much on their menu I want to go back and keep trying new things. I love a good breakfast spot! Later that evening we had a big dinner and went to see the Christmas nativity and lights at the St. George Temple. I have such a soft spot for that temple for a few reasons, and I had another great experience there that nigh that I will always remember. I will have to share all of those stories sometime. It was a beautiful night. We went home and read some of the story of Christ’s birth from the Bible, had some hot chocolate and called it a night. Christmas morning was full of presents and a yummy breakfast. Every year Trevor’s mom makes these amazing orange cranberry rolls that none of the kids like so I just enjoy as many of them as I like! Haha 

Got to love Trevor's face here! HAHA

 Where Trevor spent his entire Christmas break...

We just lounged around, and hung out for most of the break. For one part of the afternoon Courtney and I went and saw a movie, and Trevor went hunting with his brother. Trevor spent most of his time playing guitar (surprise,surprise) and I decided to chop my hair off! On our last afternoon we all went out to lunch together and then Trevor and I headed back to Salt Lake so I could make it for one of my best friend’s weddings the next morning!

The wedding was such a great day! My best friend Jamie and her parents drove up from St. George to also attend the wedding it was really nice to be able to be there when Stephanie got married. I have known Stephanie since I was three years old, and she was the first friend I remember having. We spent many days pretending to be mermaids in her hot tub, having sleepovers, and attending dance classes and performances together. She was a huge part of my childhood. Jamie was also a huge part of my childhood, and us three all grew up in the same ward together; spending those awkward years together going to Sunday school, seminary, girl’s camps, and so much more! It was a great day, and Stephanie was just beautiful. I am so happy for her! I am so lucky to have had friends like them over all these years.

For New Year’s Trevor really wanted to invite his group of friends over for a party. Of course we haven’t even finished unpacking everything, and have barely settled into our house, but I can’t say no to a party! The night of the party I got really sick, and I was *this* close to having Trevor cancel it… but like I said, I love myself a good party so I stuck it through. I am SO happy I did because I started to feel better and we ended up having such a great night! Everyone brought something to eat, and Trevor and his friends smoked steaks that turned out amazzzzzzing. Stanton and Billie had smoked some different cheeses as well, and I almost got full on that alone! It was a night of amazing food, and great company. We played some Wii games, chatted the night away, and around midnight we went outside to light fireworks! Trevor had a pretty nice stash of fireworks and some of them were A LOT bigger than I thought they would be! Haha It was super entertaining. We also learned a little more about our neighborhood. There were fireworks going off EVERYWHERE. Here I was worried we would be getting complaints and apparently our neighborhood is known for their firework shows! Haha It was freezing outside and there was a couple walking around and they told us that they walk around our neighborhood every New Year’s Eve, and fourth of July because people go all out. I think we will fit in just nicely here :) haha

Here is a little taste of our fireworks from the night! The boys obviously had a lot of fun, these fireworks were huge!


  1. Sounds like your holidays were great!! That food looks delicious too.. mmmm.

    xo Emily @ Curator of Cute

  2. Great post and Happy Belated New Years!

  3. I can totally relate to the last photo ;)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  4. I love St George temple too! We went on our honeymoon to St George so it will always have a special place in our hearts!


  5. What a fun recap - that cinnamon roll french toast has my stomach grumblin'!!!


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